1st birthday ideas

These 1st birthday ideas came from straight from a recent party in Telluride, Colorado.

Decorations for a first birthday should be bold and bright. Children love color so add it wherever you can.

I just helped a friend put on this party. The little ones love it! To welcome our guests and to help them find the house, we put a personalized Baby Einstein Banner above the front door.

1st birthday ideas


1st birthday ideas

These 1st birthday ideas bring both color and fun to the first birthday party. We mixed red, blue, green, yellow and purple solid helium balloons with Baby Einstein Mylar balloons and it looked great. 1st birthday ideas
We tied color coordinating curly ribbons onto each balloon and placed them everywhere. There were balloons hanging from the ceiling, on the wall, and we floated one on the back of each chair.

We even weighted some down with this Baby Einstein Octoplush toy for a table decoration and later for our little “one” to add to his Baby Einstein toy collection. We draped primary colored crate paper across the ceiling of the family room, which was the main party area, and hung a Baby Einstein 1st birthday banner across the doorway. 1st Birthday Ideas for Einstein are endless.

Toys, toys, toys. Our birthday boy just happens to be a true Baby Einstein as is his mom, so he has accumulated lots of Baby Einstein toys in his first year. We scattered the toys about for decoration and entertainment for the little ones. We hung a few plush toys on strings from the ceiling and sat some on end tables. 1st birthday ideas

We also placed some Baby Einstein activity toys and books in out of the way areas on the floor. But the big attraction was the Baby Einstein Animal Exploration Tunnel1st birthday ideas that we placed in the middle of the floor for the children to crawl through.

Since our birthday boy did not have the tunnel, I purchased it for him for his birthday present and gave it to him prior to the party. It was definitely worth the money spent. This was of the best 1st birthday ideas we had.


1st birthday ideas

The tables were so fun to decorate, we brought in two extra card tables to fix up as well. We had a cake table, beverage table, snack and food table and a gift table. 1st birthday ideas for these tables was abundant.

We covered the cake and beverage tables with a Baby Einstein Table Cover and on the other three used a solid red, blue and green cover.

Each table had a centerpiece. On the cake table, we added a Baby Einstein Mylar Balloon and a few solid balloons to a centerpiece from Birthday in a Box and created our own centerpieces on the four other tables.

1st birthday ideas

Making wall decorations was fun and we let the birthday boy help. He had some great 1st birthday ideas. It was easy. The caterpillar was made by painting circles of poster board. We used a larger one for the head and then made antennae and a tail out of poster board as well. Then we drew a face with a black marker. You can also make one out of colored construction paper by cutting a big yellow circle for the head and smaller red, blue, green and purple circles for the body. Draw on eyes and a mouth. To make antennas and a tail, you can use pipe cleaners or cut them out of construction paper. This is a fun project to involve your child in.

We made large wall-size flashcards out of white poster boards. On each one we put a picture of a word, like: birthday cake, present and balloon and then had the word printed underneath.

We also had a picture of the birthday boy in his Baby Einstein Duck costume blown up and tacked it on the wall as well. 1st birthday ideas Of course no party is complete without a piƱata. When trying to choose between the Baby Einstein duck, monkey or lion pinatas, we just couldn’t decide. They were all so fun and cute we opted for all three. One we hung from the ceiling in the family room where the party mainly was, one was hung next to the cake table and one we hung outside by the front door.

One other thing we did was to reserve a wall for artwork. We taped up some Baby Einstein coloring pages our birthday boy had colored and other artwork of his as well. Then, at the end of craft time, we added his guest’s art to the mix and when the party was over, we let each guest untape his or her artwork and take it home.

We also had each the children put their hand prints on one large white poster board using bright colored finger paints. We wrote each child’s name beneath each print and displayed the keepsake poster on the wall with the rest of the art. This will be a tradition at each birthday party from now on.

Though we weren’t sure about this last minute “art-wall” brainstorm, it turned out to be a great 1st birthday idea as it enchanted the children to see their own work on the wall. They were so proud.

The rule for Baby Einstein decorating is that if it is bold and bright…use it! If it is fun to look at or play with…use it! But the number one rule when it comes to party decorating is to have fun and enjoy.


1st birthday ideas

To find cake and cupcake ideas for Baby Einstein just go here... Baby Einstein Cake


1st birthday ideas Our Baby Einstein Birthday party was for a first birthday and the guest list included friends and family ranging from toddlers to grandparents so we wanted to serve snacks that accommodated everyone.

Again there is so much information it got it's own page... Baby Einstein Snacks and Food


1st birthday ideas For games for your Baby Einstein party look no further. Here is a plethora of games for your party.

Add some crafts to your Baby Einstein party. From caterpillars to art time, it will be fun and creative. Baby Einstein crafts are a big hit.


1st birthday ideas

Giving out Baby Einstein first birthday party favors is a great way to end a great party.

First you will want to decide upon a container to put the treats in to get an idea of how many favors to include.

1st birthday ideas Baby Einstein treat bags and boxes come in all different shapes and sizes.

You can also create your own by decorating primary colored sacks with Baby Einstein stickers. Personalized stickers are available too. You can even paint each child’s name on his or hers with a paint pen.

As far as what to put in the containers, we have tons of ideas. 1st birthday ideas Small plush animals and bathtub toys are fun to add and safe for all ages. Baby Einstein animal finger puppets, wind up toys and baby rattles are available too.

1st birthday ideas

Little Einstein yo-yos and kaleidoscopes are great 1st birthday ideas that older guest will love as well.

Children love stickers so don’t forget Baby Einstein stickers. You can order personalized stickers as well as magnets, buttons and an assortment of other fun favors. 1st birthday ideas

With any theme I always add all-around items such as small containers of play dough, bounce balls, tiny bubble sets and miniature books. I also include little coloring books and I purchase a large crayola package and put four or five crayons in each treat sack.

Snacks are good to add. Purchase prepackaged ones or divide your own into ziplock baggies. Yogurt bites, animal crackers and puffs are excellent for the little bitty ones. Gummy bear candies are good for older guests. You can also add Animal Craze fruit packaged snacks.

Preassembled favor sets are convenient and often very cost effective too. 1st birthday ideas With all these 1st birthday ideas you are sure to have as much fun preparing the favors as the kids will have receiving them. Enjoy!


1st birthday ideas

Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Bib


Baby Einstein Centerpiece

There are great birthday supplies at Birthday in a Box. They offer you package deals, which are cheaper than buying individually.

Celebrate Express has allot of great Baby Einstein supplies and even a place to customize your child's party supplies. You also get free shipping if you spend $75.

For orders over $50 you get 10% off and free shipping at this store. Shindigz had tons of products and lots of party favors. also has many Baby Einstein supplies. We give you all of these so you can compare the best prices for the week!

At Amazon1st birthday ideas you can find good deals, but you may have to choose from more than one vendor. Look for free shipping as Amazon usually has good sales or shipping discounts going.

We hope you enjoy our 1st birthday ideas. Have a great first birthday!

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