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Children adore animals of all kinds, so why not throw your little one an Animal Birthday Party? We have the best Animal Birthday Party ideas you have ever herd of!

Our family loves to host parties and are pro at helping you with yours.

We have tons of great Animal Parties such as Jungle, Farm Animals, Mod Monkey, Dinosaur and full litter of Dog Themes such as Blues Clues, Pink Poodle and Puppy Party. We even have the cutest Duck Party that is sure to be a splash!

It's a zoo out there! Entertaining children can be wild to say the least but we have tamed the beast and mapped out these fun parties so, no matter which of the awesome Animal Birthday Parties you choose, you can sit back and enjoy the safari.

Our family is not only big on throwing kid's parties, we bring a multitude of talents to the table. My son-in-law is a chef, Kim has a Master's Degree in Physical Education and Religious Ed and is an adventure racer and karate instructor not to mention...an awesome Mom.

So Kim is the best you can get when it comes to the games. My son-in-law is a chef so we have the best food ideas and original recipes you will find. I work at a veterinary clinic so when it comes to animal themes, I get the warm fuzzies!

My sister, Linda, is the master party planner and hostess. She threw a Jungle Party for her Grandson's First Birthday and it was fantastic. Check out her cake creation above.

Kim and the other guests dressed the part and had more fun than a barrell of monkeys.

If you are considering the Jungle Theme, click on over and see our un-bear-lievable tried and true ideas.

animal theme birthday party
Maybe a Farm Animal Party is more your style. Ewe will go hog-wild when ewe get a load of our fun Farm Party suggestions that are again, tried and true.

We have super easy cake ideas and instructions, farm worthy snacks fer the youngsters to pig out on and a stampede of great games taboot.

So, hay, what 'r you waiting fer? Mosey on over to our Farm Animal section and see fer yerself!

We have a some really wonderfur Dog Party Themes and plenty of them too. We have solved the mystery of throwing a Blue's Clues Party and put the adorable in the Puppy Party. We'll show you how to throw a Snoopy Party for peanuts! The veterinarian I work for made this cake for her daughter's First Birthday!

We bring you bone-ified original cake and treat recipes and grrreat detailed game plans too.

Your young guests will pawsitively have a grrreat time no matter which of these tail-wagging pawties you choose.

Oh, and we have party plans FOR dogs too! Arrrr-Matey...you can see my dog, Joe, thoroughly enjoyed his pirate party.

animal theme birthday party
If you are pond-ering this cuddly idea, waddle on over to the Duck Party section to see how my sister made this adorable cake.

Our Duck Party makes a one-derful First Birthday theme.

We have down right fabulous ideas for cakes and food as well as games for the wee-ones so be sure to see the plans we have to keep your party afloat.

Our Animal Party list goes on and on. The children will go ape over our Mod Monkey Party that now comes in pink too and Dinosaur is an all time favorite little boys will really dig.

Yes, it's a jungle out there when it comes to kid's parties. Things can get hectic, but...don't have a cow. With a little help from your friends here at Amazing Kid Birthday Parties, we do all the dog-gone work so you can seize the moments and enjoy your big day!

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