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Little ones love being busy doing fun things like Baby Einstein birthday crafts but their attention span is quite short so we have found it is best to limit crafts to one project that is short, simple and safe. Here are a few of our favorites for a Baby Einstein party.


Clear off a table or area of the floor and sit the youngsters around in a circle. Give each one a colorful piece of construction paper.

Go around the circle and squirt a squiggly of glue on each one that resembles a caterpillar. Give each child a small plastic bowl of primary colored, medium or large size pom-poms. No matter where the children put the pom-poms, they will only stick on the glue part and all, said and done, each will have a caterpillar.

You and the other parents can help but it is fun to watch them do this project mostly on their own.

When the projects are complete, draw on some antennae, eyes and a mouth with a black marker then write each child's name on his or hers and let them take them home.


Clear off a table or floor area and place newspaper around to prevent a mess. Sit the children in a circle and pass out colored construction paper and small bowls of pudding paint.

Play Baby Mozart music in the background to set the mood and let the little artists create.

When they are finished, write their name on each paper and let them take their project home with them.

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