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baby einstein cake

Now for everyone's favorite part of a birthday party...the cake! Make sure your little one gets to have his cake and eat it too when you choose from our selection of tried and true Baby Einstein cake ideas like the one seen here that my sister, Linda, made.

There are tons of options available when it comes to this fun theme. There are so many characters you can use like: a lion, a caterpillar, a monkey or even an elephant.

On that note, you can even bake a piano cake for Baby Mozart! This piano cake is way easier than it looks.

Simply bake a rectangle cake and cut the piano shape and then use that piece to cut a piano bench. Frost with your favorite chocolate frosting and add white and milk chocolate wafers.

Of course you can purchase a cake from a bakery, grocery store or boutique, but as far as a homemade cake, the easiest and quickest way is to simply purchase a store bought cake mix or use our basic yellow cake or chocolate cake recipe.

If you have a little more time and want to get creative, we have some really smart Baby Einstein cake ideas and instructions you will just love.


baby einstein cake


1. Bake an 11x15 sheet cake, flavor of your choice.

2. Bake two 8" round cakes, flavor of your choice.

3. Bake one small bunt cake, flavor of your choice.

4. Place sheet cake on covered board then ice the top and edges of it with white icing.

5. Create zig-zags of red yellow, green, purple and blue frosting using decorator's icing in a tube or can.

6. Ice one of the round cakes and carefully place on square cake.

7. Edge the bottom and top of the round cake using yellow and purple decorator's icing.

8. Ice the sides and top of the bunt cake and place on top of round cake.

9. Edge bunt cake in blue decorator's icing.

10. Cut out caterpillar sections from the remaining round cake using a round biscuit cutter.

11. Ice each section of the caterpillar and place on sheet cake.

12. Make eyes, mouth and 4 roller balls from fondant.

13. Make antenna from gummy candies.

14. Add a color coordinating bow if desired.

15. Roll out fondant and cut out flowers and leaves.

16. Lay flowers and leaves onto the cake.

17. Roll out fondant and cut out child's name using alphabet cookie cutters.

18. Attach the letters to cake using wooden skewers.

19. Edge the top of the square cake with green decorator's icing.

20. Place a candle on the top of the bunt cake.

If you are making the cake for a boy, you can leave off the bow and add bees and butterflies made from fondant rather than flowers and leaves.

There you have it, an adorable Baby Einstein cake that is sure to be a one-derful hit without costing a lot of dough!


baby einstein cake baby einstein cake You can also use a Animal Baking Pansbaby einstein cake to bake your cake and then decorate with colored frosting or use Wilton Icing Tubesbaby einstein cake and tips for a more detailed effect.

Check out the versatile Wilton Animal Crackers Pan.baby einstein cake With one pan you can make a zoo full of fun Baby Einstein animals like a pig, giraffe, cat or panda bear. Choose one or make them all. This Giraffe as well as the Panda are made from the same pan.

How's that for genius?

I created a caterpillar Baby Einstein cake a little differnt than my sister's masterpiece. It was fun to make and easy too.

I made one cake in a 9 inch rectangle pan and frosted it with cream cheese frosting which I left white, but you can use a coordinating color if you want. Or you can even go with the white frosting and add green tinted coconut to look like grass.

Then I frosted five donuts, each in a different bright color using Wilton icing coloring.

I chose yellow for the head and blue, green, red and purple for the body. Any primary colors work great though.

After shortening the sticks, I poked two cherry dum-dum suckers in the “head” for the antennas and made a mouth with red shoestring licorice. For eyes, I used green skittles which I dotted with a black icing pen. You can do the same or come up with your own candy creations for the facial features.

Finally, I arranged the donuts in the shape of a caterpillar and placed on the cake, gently pushing each down into the frosting and securing with toothpicks. (Of course I made sure to take the toothpicks out upon serving.)

The cake turned out really cute and the donuts were easy for the younger ones to hold and eat.

Using the same concept of the rectangle pan, you can make a caterpillar from cupcakes instead of donuts. Make a large caterpillar with regular size cupcakes or several smaller ones using mini cupcakes.

If you use cupcake liners, color coordinating ones are best. Or, you can opt to not use liners and frost each cupcake entirely. I prefer Wilton silicone linerssilicone-liners because they don't stick. They are also available in mini sizes.


One more option for a caterpillar cake is to use a Wilton Sports Ball baby einstein cakecake pan to make a large caterpillar or the mini ball version to make smaller ones. This is a cake

Frost each of the balls in a bright color. Create eyes, a mouth and antennas using the instructions for our donut caterpillar cake or use your imagination to create your own.

Place balls on top of a frosted rectangle cake or lay on a piece of cardboard or cookie sheet that is covered with colored foil or wrapping paper.


Frost the cake of your choice with your favorite icing, a store bought frosting and top with a Baby Einstein cake topper. Add a candle and you have a great Baby Einstein cake in no time flat.

Another speedy idea is to bake and frost a cake. Top with Baby Einstein figurine toys like a frog, a monkey and other Baby Einstein characters. Add sprinkles if desired.


baby einstein cake

Cupcakes are easy to make and fun to eat so you will definitely want to include them at your Baby Einstein party.

If you are going for quick and simple, consider these Baby Einstein cupcake picks. Simply whip up a batch of basic yellow cake batter.

pour into cupcake liners and bake as directed. When the cupcakes are cooled, frost with our cream cheese frosting or butter cream frosting. You can tint the frosting prior to applying if you want.

I use Wilton cake coloring for great results. Apply sprinkles if desired. Place one Baby Einstein cupcake pic into each one and display on a colorful platter or on a cupcake display stand.

Another convenient, but cute idea is to purchase a Baby Einstein Cupcake Topper with Sprinkles baby einstein cake that has everything you need to decorate your cupcakes.

Baby Einstein caterpillar cupcakes are fun to eat and easy to make.

To make one caterpillar, use five cupcakes. Frost in five bright colors. I used yellow, green, orange, red and blue. Sprinkle each with corresponding colored sugar sprinkles if desired.

On the head, I used spree candies for the eyes and dotted with black icing. Then I used a red skittle candy for the nose and black icing for the mouth. For the antennas I colored two toothpicks with black permanent marker and attached black gumdrops.

Make as many as you want and lay them out to look like caterpillars on a cardboard covered with white wrapping paper. You can even use green tinted coconut to make grass to lay them on.

I made three large caterpillars and then used the same formula substituting small cupcakes to make four mini caterpillars. baby einstein cake

Another fun idea is to make caterpillars on each cupcake using flat colored candies like Sprees. Place them on the frosted cupcakes and make face, antennas and feet using a black icing pen.

Lions, tigers, bears and even monkeys make cute Baby Einstein theme cupcakes too. The Jungle Sugar Shapes pictured on the left are very cute and easy as well.

The possibilities are endless with the Baby Einstein theme so enjoy stretching your imagination and you are sure to come up with a one-derful cake and maybe even some great cupcakes as well.

Check out our Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday for even more compatible cake ideas!

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