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bee movie
If you have chosen a Bee Moviebee movie cakeparty, you may not bee-lieve the many cake decorating choices you have that will surely have your guests making a bee-line to the desert table.

As with most party themed cakes, local bakeries and boutiques are always an option. Some offer bee party patterns or opt for a simple “Happy Birthday” with a bee drawn on it. Be sure to order several days to a week ahead of time.


bee movieAnother option is to decorate your own using our home-made honey cake or basic yellow cake recipe.

Bake in two round or one rectangle pan and top with a Bee Movie edible image cake decoration topper.bee movie cake


bee movieFor the more adventurous, making your own Bee Movie cake is a fun way to put your own custom creative touch on the party. A bee shaped bee-day cake is yummy and fun to make.

Use a bee shaped cake panbee movie or create your own. Complete the bee hive cake with sugar shape edible bees.bee movie cake bee movie


bee movie1) Take a sheet of rice paper or tracing paper and carefully draw a design or an object on its smooth side by lightly using a food coloring pen.

2) Carefully cut the inside of the design or object out of the paper with a clean hobby knife. Now, you have made a stencil that you can use to decorate your cake.

3) Generally icing works better than frosting for stenciling because it is smoother. After you have baked and iced your cake, stick it into the freezer for about fifteen minutes. This will keep the rice paper or tracing paper from sticking to the top of your cake.

4) Remove your cake from the freezer and position the rice paper stencil on top of the cake. Dust the inside of the stencil with powdered sugar. Be careful to only dust the inside of the stencil. This will be your outline. "Paint" in the lines with tubes of icing in the appropriate colors.

5) When you are finished, carefully remove the stencil, and your cake is decorated and ready to serve. If any of the powdered sugar shows, it can be erased with a damp paint brush.

Coloring books provide great pictures to use for patterns or you can even use an extra party themed invitation, napkin or plate.


bee movieCupcakes are always cute and convenient. Use our honey cake recipe and place edible sugar shape bumble beesbee movie cake atop or create your own cupcake bee.

You can also frost with yellow tinted frosting and make stripes using a tube of black icing gel or black licorice stick strips.

Then, stick two jelly bean topped toothpicks into each cupcake to resemble antennas. Any chocolate wafer shaped cookie, such as thin mints, can be used to create wings.

Cupcakes can be swirled with yellow icing and decorated with bees made with Fondantbee movie. Simply roll two small balls of fondant, one black and one yellow. Form the balls into log shapes and cut into slices the width of the bees stripes, using water as glue to connect the stripes, alternating yellow and black.

Press gently together and shape into bees. Use white or black fondant to make wings and connect them to the bee with a little water. Toothpicks can be inserted into the undersides to make it easier to place them on the cupcakes. Set the bees out to dry for at least an hour then paint the bees with gel food coloring to accentuate the colors. Gently place fondant bees on the cupcakes.

If you prefer a quicker, easier option, frost cupcakes with yellow tinted frosting and use black icing gel to create bee stripes.

Or, make a bee using yellow frosting or icing, black candies (such as jelly beans) for eyes and Oreos for wings. Stripes can be made using black tube icing gel on these as well. Toothpicks with black jelly beans on the end can be stuck in the bee to make the antennas.

bee movieRemember, presentation is everything. Cupcake liners can be purchased in gold, yellow or black and come in paper or foil.

Use a yellow or black platter or plate to display your cup cakes on. Or, cover a heavy piece of cardboard with foil to place them on, then scatter black and yellow curly ribbon pieces to cover the foil.

You can even stack boxes covered in coordinating colored wrapping paper to display your cupcakes.

Whichever route you choose, don’t forget to include your birthday child in the festivities when possible. Have fun!


bee movie Decorating cakes does not have to be hard. Rhonda Flanagan took decorating cakes and made it simple.

She starts with a basic cake and then adds simple things to make great looking cakes. Cake Fakery is easy....

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