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This party theme is brought to you by special request! Five weeks before his eighth birthday, my nephew, Jack (who is Kim's son), announced he wanted Bionicles for his birthday theme.

Not very familiar with Bionicles, I set out to research the theme which is especially popular with elementary age boys. I've got to admit that I too quickly became a fan. Bionicles are awesome!

You too may have a youngster that loves Bionicles and wants a Bionicle birthday party. Don't worry if you are not all knowing about the subject. We have built a Bionicle birthday party that even a Toa would be proud of.

And by the way, when in doubt, don't hesitate to consult your Bionicle Birthday boy, or girl. We did!



Ice Breakers (or “Ko” breakers in Matoran or “Bionicle talk”) are a fun way for the children to get to know each other and to feel more comfortable at the party. Here are our picks of Bionicle Ice Breaker Games.


The word “shelek” in Bionicle slang means silent so this is the silent, or quiet, game.

This game can have variations so pick one you think is appropriate for the age group and maturity of your guests. The object of the game remains the same, to line up in order without talking. By communicating non-verbally, the children will work together as a team.

For younger children, you can have them line up by age with the youngest first and oldest last. If any are the same age, you can have them draw straws or numbers from a hat.

Lining up in alphabetical order according to their first name is a fairly easy one too.

Older children can be asked to line up in order of birthdays with January birthdays being first and December birthdays being last.

At the end of the activity, have each child tell his birthdate, shoe size or whatever information is relevant to the game.


Have the children sit in a circle. Start the game off with one child naming something about Bionicles that starts with the letter “A”. The next child will do “B” and so on until all the children have had a turn. Keep going through the alphabet if you want to.

The children can describe something about the game, the plot or anything else as long as it relates to Bionicle in some way.

For example, the child with the letter “A” can say “akaku” means x-ray vision or could say Bionicle is an “awesome” game.

Keep the game simple and fun!


Have the children take turns acting out a Bionicle character. Let the rest of the group try to guess who the mystery character is. You can set your own rules if you wish like: three tries to guess, no talking, etc. If a child cannot think of a character to act out or has trouble with the acting, be prepared to help out so...do your homework.


In order to overcome evil, the Tao have to work together. Pair the group into twos and have them stand back to back, locking elbows which will remained locked at all times. Then each couple will attempt to sit down, kick their legs out straight and stand back up. Try this game in fours and even as one whole group.


Give each guest an index card with one thing to do on it. Each assignment should have something to do with Bionicles such as: have the person to your right act like the Makuta (bad guys) or tell the group why you like or don't like Bionicles. More than likely your birthday boy (or girl) can help you come up with lots more “to do's”.

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