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Since our Baby Einstein party guests ranged from toddlers to grandparents, we made sure to have drinks that were suitable for all ages.

In red, blue and yellow buckets, we iced down boxed juice drinks for the little ones. We also had blue, red and orange Gatorade and Juicy Juice available with bright colored, no-spill sippy cups for the parents to pour the drinks into.

For an all-around fun drink, we served Baby Van Gogh Clear Punch

in a red punch bowl. We froze three new Baby Einstein teethers and just before time to serve the punch, let them float in the bowl. The “ice teething rings” were really cute and kept the punch cold too.

See our Baby Einstein Punch recipe section for more great 1st birthday ideas like Baby Neptune and Baby Mozart Punch.

You can spruce them up with ice rings, floating Baby Einstein toys or even alphabet, musical notes or animal shaped ice molds.

Little ones are big helpers, especially when it comes to putting rubber ducks in blue punch.

We also served Baby Einstein Smart Smoothies

that went over so well, we should have doubled the recipe.

Baby Einstein tumblers are a great idea to give to each of your younger guests to drink out of at the party and to take home afterwards.

Birthday Party Food Ideas

Our Baby Einstein Birthday party was for a first birthday and the guest list included friends and family ranging from toddlers to grandparents so we wanted to serve snacks that accommodated everyone. Chances are, whether your party is a first or not, it will include a variety of ages as well so we have put together some fun birthday party food ideas for all. We had so many 1st birthday ideas we did two of some things.

Fruit is an all around smart snack choice and fruit trays are an attractive way to serve them up using bright primary colored plates and platters. We made a fruit tray for easy and convenient serving but we wanted to add a Baby Einstein twist to the fruit as well so we made fruit caterpillars and put them on a separate dish.

Veggie trays are fun too. I like to serve them with dip. Children love to dip. We made these beary good sandwiches

and the guests loved them. They are easy to make and are great to have especially if your party is at or around mealtime.

Jell-O Jigglers are fun and they don’t melt. There are lots of Baby Einstein characters to choose from, a duck, bear, frog or all of them. Make our Jell-O Jiggler recipe and use a cookie cutter to shape into the character or characters of your choice. You can also make letters and numbers using cookie cutters like these.

We made jiggler caterpillars as well. Just make our Jell-O Jiggler recipe in flavors such as cherry, lemon, lime and orange.

Cut circles using the top of a small glass and one larger circle for each to be the head. Place on a bright solid colored platter and watch the fun the youngsters have while eating them. Wilton Animal Pals Cookie Cutter Set can be used to make animal shapes.

Animal shaped gummy candies are great to serve and animal crackers too.

Birthday Party Food Ideas

You will need a skewer for each caterpillar. I used one for each child and two for each adult.

Make a melon ball head for each caterpillar. An ice cream scoop is what I use since it makes a larger ball. For the melon, you can use seedless watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew. I alternated, using some of each.

Stick the skewer into the melon ball. This will be the head. String the skewer through seedless green, red and purple grapes.Make caterpillar antennas by poking two toothpicks into each melon ball and top each with a raisin. Make eyes and a smile with a black icing pen.

These are great fun for your guests. Make sure younger children are supervised with the skewers, of course.

You can use coffee stir sticks instead of skewers if you prefer.


Baby Einstein Cheese Ball Tray

My niece just did this adorable Baby Einstein cheese tray for her daughter's first birthday party. It's much easier than it looks. Make five cheese balls using one or more of our cheese ball recipes. Leave one plain, roll one in parsley, one in yellow shredded cheese, one in shredded and chopped purple cabbage and one in nuts. Assemble the balls to look like a caterpillar with the plain ball as the head. Make eyes using a brown and black icing gel pen and a red one for the smile. Make antennas from baby carrots. Scatter assorted crackers around on the platter and you have an irresistible Baby Einstein cheese ball creation.

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