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candy land cake

If you want a sweet Candy Land cake that doesn't cost a lot of dough, you have come to the right place.
When deciding upon a cake, you have your choice of ordering from a bakery or boutique, picking one up at the local grocery store or making your own.

For those who choose to make their own, we have put together easy instructions for the cake seen above. It is one of our tried and true creations.

You can also design your own. Simply go by the Candy land game board and let your imagination flow. Your little one can no doubt contribute too.

No matter which way you go, be sure to enjoy and have fun baking memories.


candy land cake

This cake is fun to make and yummy to eat. One of the best things about a homemade Candyland cake is that you can go step-by-step from our instructions or unleash your own imagination for a custom creation.

1) Make a yellow cake mix according to the directions on the box. Set aside a ½ cup of the batter. This will be used for the ice cream cup cake.

(You can also opt to make a batch of the ice cream cup cakes and if so, just use all the batter for your cake.)

2) Bake the cake in a 9x12” cake pan then allow to cool.

3) Invert onto a thick cardboard covered with wrapping paper or excess plastic table cover. A bright colored covering, such as red or bright pink is our pick.

4) Frost the cake with our cream cheese frosting or white frosting of your choice.

5) If you are baking just one ice cream cup cake, go ahead and get it going by pouring the ½ cup of reserved batter into a sugar cone, placing in a muffin tin and baking at 350 degrees until golden brown.

If you are making a whole batch, refer to our ice cream cup cake instructions. Bake and set one aside to use for the cake.

6) Frost the ice cream cup cake with white frosting or frosting of your choice and top with multi- colored sprinkles or candy pieces.

7) Form the walkway on the cake with Starburst candies as shown in the picture. Then make the Rainbow Bridge using multi-colored strips of Twizzlers or Laffy Taffy. Shape peppermint balls into a mound using leftover frosting to secure if needed.

8) The next step is to create Gum Drop Mountain by stacking up colorful gum drops. Use frosting or toothpics to secure.Assemble Sweet Tarts for the walkway then stick three peppermint lollypops in the cake. Put the ice cream cup cake on.

9) Arrange peppermints across the bottom front of the cake and candied fruit slices around the sides and back.

10) Place a candle on the cake if desired.

*Take pictures quickly because this cake wont stick around long!



candy land cake Need to some more tips. This book has some great ideas and just by looking at it you might get some ideas about your cake. It has a cool house decorated with candy.

# 1 Get perfectly flat finish on your cakes.

# 2 Get that perfectly flat finish you see on professional frosted cakes and discover the easiest type of frosting to work with.

#3 Level your cake with ease.

#4 Get super smooth butter cream icing.

#5 Create molds and patterns easily

#6 Read more from Cake Decorating Secrets.

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