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Kids love candy land!

It's a game that is so fun, it has withstood the test of time. In fact, it was my favorite game when I was young and I like to play it to this day.

Join the fun and throw the sweetest party ever! We have made the trip through the Candy Cane Forest and traveled over Gum Drop Mountain to bring you the winning hand complete with decoration, snack, cake, party favors, costume and game ideas and instructions.

As sure as candy is sweet, you will no doubt have as much fun preparing for this party as the kids will have enjoying it!

candy land DECORATIONS

Make your party location a fantasy land of candy. Whether you are having the party at home or at the park or amusement facility, you can make the party a sweet adventure.

The colors for candy land are pastels like purple, pink, turquoise and yellow but you can throw some brights in too like bright pink, yellow, red and orange.

Mark the spot with this fun banner. It will help the guest find your house or party area plus welcomes them to the fun and festivities.

A really fun idea is to line the walkway with a candy cane path just like on the board game. Cover cardboard squares with colored foil and lead the guests to your door. Along the way you can place giant candies. To make them just paint styrofoam in fun colors to look like lollypops. Use cellophane to wrap them in and tie the ends with colored curly ribbons. Attach them to wooden dowel rods and stick in the ground. You can make peppermint sticks by painting large dowel rods in red and white stripes. Cover the door with colored foil or wrapping paper.

Balloons are a must! You can't have too many so put them everywhere like on the back of chairs, in balloon bouquets, hang them from the ceiling or wherever else you can. I like mixing mylars like the one seen here with solids and tying coordinating curly ribbon on the ends. Frosted balloons add a nice sugary effect too.

You can even purchase a helium machine and air your own up right before or during the party. Buy Costumes has this disposable one that fills about 50 nine inch balloons.

Once you have filled the room with balloons, you can bring all the candy land characters to your party by adding wall decorations.

How about decking the walls with this Sugar Plum Kit for the ultimate effect that will bring candy land straight out of the box and into your home? The kit includes a gingerbread house, 1 set of lollipop standees, 1 set of gingerbread men standees and 1 peppermint drop walkway that includes 6 peppermints.

Or, take the simpler route and apply removable wall decorations like these from Birthday Express.

Of course you can make your own props. Make pieces of candy from poster board and jazz them up with glitter paints. Make gum drops from cone shaped Styrofoam and paint them in green, yellow, orange and red paint. Gingerbread men are easy to make from brown posterboard.

Tables are so fun and tasty to decorate for candy land, you will probably want to do more than one. I always use one for the cake one for the snacks, another for the gifts and one for the drinks. We have a whole section devoted for tables, just click here for our great ideas.

Set candy toss pillows around if you have any. You can usually find them at dollar stores or they are also sold online. You may even have some stuffed peppermints or gingerbread men tucked away in your Christmas boxes in the attic.

Check out this candy land rug. Talk about sweet!

Another cute idea is if you have a post in the house, on the porch or even at the park, twist red and white crape paper around it for a peppermint twist effect.

A candy land pinata doubles as a party decoration and is a sure hit at game time.

You might be surprised what ideas your birthday girl or boy can come up with when included in the fun. With these ideas and a few or your own, you are certain to have lots of yummy decorations the children will love. ADD ON TO CANDY LAND PARTY DECORATIONS

This is the time to pull out your old holiday decorations. There is no telling what you might find that will go along with the Candy Land theme. Looking through my own, I found some ceramic pastel Valentine candy hearts, peppermint Christmas lights and even some pink and purple Easter candy (for decoration only as they are no doubt expired).

Check online stores like Amazon for off-season bargains on items like these candy cane Christmas lights, perfect for Candy Land theme decorating. candy land TABLE DECORATIONS

Sugar and spice and everything nice...that's what candy land table decorations are made of!

Decorating tables adds so much to the atmosphere of your party, you will probably want to use more than one. I like using separate ones for the cake, snacks, drinks, and gifts.

Start with a table cover. You can use the same color on all of the tables, like purple, or different colors such as one purple, one turquoise, one yellow and one pink. Check out the pink opal table cover below for a fun, frosty effect.

For an added flair, tie bows on the corners of the table cloth. You can use excess table cover vinyl or fabric bows.

Candy Christmas garland is fun to add around the tables.

Another great idea I love is draping lighted candy cane roping around one or all of the tables. Amazon carries the rope lights seen below.

Add a centerpiece to the table next. Here is one that is fabulous for the cake or snack table, available through Birthday Express.

Another fun centerpiece idea is to make a gingerbread house. You can make one from scratch or from a kit. After Christmas you can pick one up for next to nothing and since it doesn't have to be actually eaten, it can even be out of expiration. Why not let your birthday girl or boy help make a gingerbread house? It's a fun tradition for our family. The picture on the left below is Kim with her sister and cousins after making one. Kim is trying to keep the younger ones from eating it. On the right is the one my Grandson and I made this past Christmas.

Of course a pastel or red basket or bucket filled with assorted candies is a tasty idea for a centerpiece. Or just stick some large suckers in a vase. Fill the inside of the vase with small pastel candies such as sweet tarts.

You can also use a helium balloon bouquet for a centerpiece. Just combine pastel colors like pink, white, purple, turquoise and yellow solid balloons and throw in frosted ones too for a little confection affection. A candy land theme mylar is perfect too. Anchor them down with a balloon weight.

A candy kiss anchor is easy to make and so cute. Simply form the shape of a candy kiss out of aluminum foil and then cover with a smooth piece. Add a strip of white paper at the top and write “Hershey's Kiss” on it. You can put a heavy object, like a rock, inside for extra weight and you can also use colored foil like pink, purple or blue.

After you have placed centerpieces on the tables, add the final touches. You can scatter pieces of candy about the table or homemade candy shaped confetti. Snowflake confetti is cool too. Add pastel colored curly ribbon pieces to the mix if you want.

For the snack table, place the goodies on trays, plates, platters and bowl in the coordinating colors. This is another good time to use holiday accessories. I found a candy cane bowl in a box of my Christmas things, perfect for serving up chips or crackers.

Don't forget that candy land themed paper plates, cups and napkins can be layed on the food, drink and cake tables not only to use but to to spice the tables up as well.

candy land party hats and blowers are great on the tables too!

When it comes to candy land table decorating, the possibilities are endless. Just have fun and let your sweet imagination flow


Ice breakers are fun activities that help the children get to know one another and feel more comfortable in the group. Here are our picks of the funnest candy land theme ice breakers. Check out our general ice breaker section for even more great ideas.

GOING TO candy land

Have the children sit in a circle and start the game by saying, “Hi! My name is (your name) and I am going to candy land and I am going to take a (something that starts with the first letter of your name) with me.”

Then go around the circle and let each child substitute his or her name for yours and choose something to take. The object of the game is to have the item start with the first letter of their name but don't tell, that is what they will need to figure out as the game unfolds. If the item starts with the correct letter, tell that child that they can go, otherwise, tell them they cannot go. As the game goes around, those who cannot go do not participate. Eventually the children will begin to figure out the game plan.


Place a candy jar full of candies in the entry way to the party and have the guests guess how many pieces of candy is in the jar. Once everyone has arrived, announce the correct number and whoever guessed the closest wins.


Divide the group into two teams and have them form two lines. Give each player a toothpick and have them hold the tooth pick with their teeth. Give the first player of each group a lifesavor to place on his or her tooth pick. The object of the game is to pass the lifesavor to the next player, as quickly as possible, but only touching the tooth pick. No touching is allowed. The team that gets the lifesavor to the end of the line first wins.


Have the children form a circle and take turns saying their name and favorite candy.


Before the party, write the name of 20 or so candies on index cards. For this game, the children will take turns drawing a card and acting out the name of the candy that is written on the card. Whoever guesses correctly gets to draw the next card. If no one guess, the next person in line gets to draw. You can create rules such as “no talking” if you want to.

Suggestions to put on the card are: Snickers, Jaw Breakers, Dum Dums, Laffy Taffy, etc.


Have the children sit in a circle and pass out small tablets and pens or pencils. Pick a letter and say it aloud such as “T”. The children must write down as many candies they can think of that starts with the letter “T”. Set a time limit and have each child read his or her answers. The child with the most wins. You can then repeat the game as many times as you would like using a different letters.


Place various candy bars in different areas of the house such as a Hershey bar at the kitchen table, Reeses Pieces on the couch. As each guest arrives, tell them the name of one of the candy bars and have them find that area. There should be groups of three or more at each candy bar area. Have the children of like candies get to know each other. When time is up, they can take turns introducing one another and saying something about each one in their group. candy land PARTY THEME GAMES

candy land is such a fun theme, you will want your party games to be lots of fun as well. Round the board with us as we explore the wonderful world of candy land games your birthday girl or boy and little friends will love.


Pick one of the children to be “it”, called “King Kandy” in this game. Give that child a ball that will be the “candy”. On the count of three, the other children will try to get the “candy” from “King Kandy”. Designate a “free zone” where “King Kandy” is safe and can take a short break. Whoever captures the “candy” is the new “King Kandy”.

candy land PINATAWhat's a birthday party without a pinata? This fun game is always a hit! Let the children take turns trying to bust out the yummy candy inside this pinata. Stick and blind fold are available also and we recommend giving the children candy land treat bags beforehand that they can easily store the sweet treasures in.

This pinata is available through Birthday Express as well as treat bags, pinata stick and blindfold.

* This rainbow colored number pinata is a nice option too and is available through Amazon.


In this fun and challenging game, the children will attempt to follow the Rainbow Path without falling into the Ice Cream Sea.

Before the game is played, construct the setting by spreading out a pastel or white colored sheet to be the sea. Use construction paper squares to make the Rainbow Path like the one on the candy land game board. Colors for the path should be red, turquoise (or blue), yellow, purple, orange and green.

Have the children line up and take turns walking on each colored square, carefully stepping on each without falling into the Ice Cream Sea. Anyone falling into the sea is out.

You can spice up the game by taking away a square. Or have the children hold a heaping bowl full of candy while walking across and if any of the candy falls out, or if they touch the sea, they are out.

Another twist is to have them skip a color such as the color yellow.


This game is best played outside.

Divide the children up into two teams, the red team and the white team. In this game, the kids form two opposing lines and attempt to "break through" the opposing team's line.

The two teams will face each other and hold hands, like in the old game “Red Rover”. One team will begin by picking someone from the other team and then, together they will say, “King Kandy, King Kandy, let (the child's name) come over.”

The child who's name was called then runs and tries to break through the line by going through the hands of two members of the opposing team. If he or she breaks through, he or she is then on that team.

It is then the other teams turn to call someone over and the senario continues. The team with the least players at the end of the game wins because they prevented more children from breaking through.

candy land...THE BOARD GAME

Let the children play the real game of candy land. Up to four players can play one game so you may want to purchase several games. There are several varieties of the game so you can purchase different versions or the same ones and give the extras out as prizes.

Instructions are easy and are included in the game contents. Children do not even have to know how to read in order to play.

* Amazon has a great variety of candy land games and good prices as well.


In this fun game, two teams compete to get over Gum Drop Mountain first but without dropping the gum drop.

You will need a timer for this game as well as a gum drop, spoon and sheet or large towel.

Divide the children into two teams. Make a start and finish line with masking or electrical tape and a “Gum Drop Mountain” in between. The “mountain” can be made by bunching up a sheet or large towel to make a hump the children must go over.

Have one team go first. Line the team up and give the first player a spoon with a gum drop in it and have them go as quickly as possible from the start line to the finish line, passing over “Gum Drop Mountain”. If the gum drop falls from the spoon, the player must start over. Once to the finish line, the player can hold the gum drop in his or her hand and run back to the next player. The gum drop and spoon are passed to that player and the challenge is repeated until all the children on the team have played. The time is marked down and it is the next team's turn.


Pick one player to wear a brown t-shirt or bandana. That child is the Gingerbread Man. Have the rest of the children stand in an out of the way area while the Gingerbread Man yells out, “Run, run as fast as you can...you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man.”

The others try to tag the Gingerbread Man. When tagged, the Gingerbread Man becomes one of the group and the one who tagged him or her is the Gingerbread Man.


This game is just like a cake walk but uses candy instead. Make a circle of squares. The squares can be sheets of construction paper in the candy land colors of red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise (or blue) pink and purple. On one of the squares, paint a picture of a piece of candy like a lolly pop. Play music while the children walk around the circle on the squares. Stop the music and whoever is on or nearest the candy picture square gets a candy treat like a big swirly lollypop.

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