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Zooming right along, it's time to plan some Disney Car party decorations and we have been tirelessly turning our wheels to bring you great ideas. We have listed our favorites that you can follow or perhaps ours will spark some ideas of your own.

If you are having your party away from home, like at the park as we did, it is a good idea to assemble the decorations in “to go” boxes ahead of time. Depending on the location, you may not have a lot of time before the party to put the decorations out so it is best to be organized.

One advantage of having your party at home is that you can decorate well before the party, often a day or two before.

Yard signs and banners are great to welcome guests and to make sure the parents know where the location is. Your neighbors will no doubt appreciate that! Even if your party is at the park or another location besides your home, a sign or banner makes it easy to mark the spot. Banners can be hung on a table and yard signs placed in the area your guests are to gather.

Personalized banners are available through Birthday Express and Birthday in a Box.

Balloons are a must! Kids love them and they are great to let the guest take home as a reminder of the fun they had at your party.

In fact, having balloons was so important to me for our Cars party the I went to great lengths to get them there. Living in a fairly remote mountain town, I was informed helium balloons would not fare well when crossing the mountain range between my town and the closest “shopping town” which is almost two hours away. And if they did make it, the air would not hold overnight due to the elevation. Having only lived in the “boonies” for a year, I was unpleasantly surprised. Determined to have helium balloons for my grandson and his little friends, I set out to find a solution. Amazingly, two days before the party, I found a lady who had a backyard balloon shop in a small town one hour from my little town. Graciously she filled my order and we had balloons after all.

A note on my experience is that if you live in a highly elevated area or very far from town, you may consider a helium machine. Amazon has some inexpensive ones like the one seen here.

There are some great choices for Car themed balloons, like Mater and McQueen mylars like these from Birthday in a Box.They even have a Disney Cars balloon bouquet available.

Red, black and blue solid balloons are great as well and can be even be mixed in with the mylars.

I like to use curling ribbon on the ends of the balloons in contrasting colors for a fun effect and so the children can easily take them home when the party is over.

Don't forget a pinata. Pinatas make excellent decorations and are fun at game time too. Though most of the online party shops carry pinatas, the best price we found was at pinatas.com.

Disney Cars wall decorations and standees set a racey atmosphere. You can never have too many! Check out these from Shindiz.

Road cones can be set about. Birthday in a Box has this colorful set. You can also use them for games later in the party.

You can even make your own stop signs and traffic lights for an all out effect. A “Route 66” sign can be posted as well as “Nate's Speedway”. Checkered flags are fun too.

See our special table decorating section for even more great ideas.

Whatever route you choose, hopefully we have pointed you down the road to great Disney Cars decorations.

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