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Children Party Games:
The Bee Movie

children party games

***-g-200.shtml***These children party games are specifically written for a Bee Movie Theme Party.


1) Have the kids gather on one side of the space and the adult (Mister Bee) stands on the other side.

2) The adult gives a signal and the kids say, "What time is it, Mister Bee?" Mister Bee says, "It's time to hop!"

3) The kids hop toward Mister Bee until he gives the signal to stop. Repeat this, substituting different movements (skipping, crawling, walking backwards) until kids draw near to Mister Bee.

4) As the kids near Mister Bee and ask the question, the last answer he gives is "It's midnight!" At this point, he pretends to chase them all back to the other side of the room. The game can then start again.

5) To make this game really memorable and fun, dress Mr. Bee using a Bee Movie party theme costume.


Transform your yard or living room into a free-for-all obstacle bee course. First, remove unsafe objects from the room (tables with sharp edges, for example) and clear out clutter that someone could trip on. Place piles of cushions, sturdy chairs, laundry baskets, or other items around the room for the kids to jump over, go under, or run through. Use yellow and black colored items if you can. A large cardboard box, decorated in yellow and black stripes, makes an excellent tunnel.

* Antennas can be made for the children to wear using our quick and easy instructions below.

Put on some music or have an adult lead the children in songs.

“Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee” is a good choice. When the song ends, the children must stop in place.

children party gamesQUEEN BEE

A mix of jump rope, tag, and follow the leader. Anything the Queen Bee does, the worker bee must copy while trying to catch up with and tag the Queen Bee. The Queen may leave and enter the rope as s/he wishes. If the worker bee catches the Queen, s/he is then the Queen Bee. If the clock runs out, it is another child’s turn.


Everybody stands in a circle. Pass a yellow or black lightweight object or Bee Bean Bag around the circle to music. When the music stops the person holding beanbag is out. Pretend the bean bag is a very, very, very mad bee.

You can make a very mad bee by stuffing an old black sock with beans. Use yellow colored tape to make stripes. Tie securely. You can also glue yellow construction paper onto an empty plastic bottle, using black electrical tape to make stripes. Or, as mentioned above, you can purchase a bean bag bee that can double as a table decoration and/or game prize.


In “Bee Movie”, Barry B. Benson frees the bees. For a fun Bee party themed game, divide the children into two groups, the “Honey Bees” and the “Bumble Bees”.

Have each team search for items that are hidden around the room (or around the entire house). Give each team three or four index cards with pictures of the items they are to find. These can be items related to bees or starting with the letter “B”. For example, if using items that start with a “B”, hide a ball, a balloon and a banana for one team. If using bee items, a jar of honey, a box of honeycomb cereal and a container of “Burt’s Bees” lip balm can be used.


children party games

Try this fun twist to the traditional game of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. Tack a picture of a bee with a missing stinger to the wall. Make sure it is in easy reach of the children.

Line the children up. One at a time, give each child a paper bee stinger with a push pin or thumbtack pushed through it. Spin the blindfolded child around a few times and the let try to pin the stinger on the bee. The child who pins their stinger the closest to the target wins but as always, everyone is a winner!

*Use our bee pattern

or create your own. Do not forget the Bee Stinger

for the pattern!

*A yellow and black print bandanna adds a festive “bee” effect to the game.

children party games


1) In a medium sized box, cut holes on each side large enough for children to reach their hands and arms inside the box.

2) Fill the box with items that have any connection to a bee. A plastic container of honey, a bag of Honey Comb cereal, the letter “B” cut out of construction paper (you can also use a toy magnet ), a bag of flour (flower), a honey dipper, a artificial flower, etc. Use your imagination.

3) Each child takes a turn being blindfolded then sticking their hand in the box and feels each object. The child must whisper to a designated adult what he or she thinks each one is. The adult writes down what each child names.

4) Once everyone had their turn in guessing what was in the box, score the answers as follows:

1 point for every item that is correctly identified

-1 point if you list an item that is not inside the box

The child with the highest score wins.

6) Make this game even more appealing by sprucing up the box. Paint it black or yellow and decorate it with bee stickers or even paint it black with yellow stripes. Another idea is to wrap the box in Bee party themed wrapping paper.

7) Using a black and yellow print bandanna blindfold adds a festive twist.

If it is more appropriate, the children can write the names of the items on a note card after the blindfold is removed. Of course that will depend on the writing capabilities of the group and will require that they remember the items until the blindfold is off.


This is a great bee-party-theme inside game.

1) Before the party, on separate slips of paper, write down as many words as you can think of beginning with the letter “B”. They should be words of people, places or things that can easily be acted out such as: butterfly, bunny, bug, baby, baseball, bear, etc.

2) Fold the slips of paper and put them all in a basket or small box. You will also need a timer.

3) Divide the children into two groups, team “Bee 1” and team “Bee 2”. Have one child from team “Bee 1” draw a slip of paper.

This is a great Bee party theme inside game.

1) Before the party, cut out pictures of things starting with the "B". Glue on index cards. They should be words of people, places or things that can easily be acted out such as: butterfly, bunny, bug, baby, baseball, bear, etc.

2) Put all the index cards in a basket or small box. You will also need a timer.

3) Divide the children into two groups, team “Bee 1” and team “Bee 2”. Have one child from team “Bee 1” draw an index card.

4) After seeing the picture on the index card, the timer is set and the child acts out the word. No talking is allowed. The members of team “Bee 1” tries to guess the word within the allotted time which is usually 2-3 minutes. If they succeed, team “Bee 1” gets one point.

5) Whether the team guesses right or not, it is team “Bee 2’s" turn and the game continues until every player has has a turn to act out at least one word. The team with the most points wins.


Have all of the children sit in a circle, facing each other. Pick one child to be the honeybear. The honeyear walks slowly around the circle patting each of the children on the head, saying, “flower” each time he or she taps one. Then the honeybear will select a bee by tapping one player’s head a calling, “bee”.

The bee then jumps up and chases the honeybear, trying to tag him before he can get to the spot where the bee was sitting. If the honeybear is tagged while running, he must start the game again but if he gets to the bee’s seat first, the bee is then the honeybear.

* A bear mask or brown t-shirt can be placed on the child who is the honeybear.


Divide the children in two groups. One will be the yellow team, the other will be the black team. Have the teams form a line with children holding hands. Place a strip of crate paper between each hand so that each child is holding one end of crate paper and the child next to him is holding the other end of the crate paper. The yellow team gets yellow crate paper and the black gets black.

Two teams are chosen of equal size, and they form two lines, facing each other and holding crate paper strips between their hands.

One side starts by picking a person on the opposing team and saying "Red Rover, Red Rover, let (call a name) come over".The child whose name was called then lets go of his teammates and begins a headlong rush for the other line. His or her goal is to break through the crate paper.

If the child breaks through, he chooses one person for the opposing team to join his team, and they both go back and join in their line.

If s/he fails to break through, s/he becomes part of the other team. Each team alternates calling people over until one team has all the people and is declared the winner.

Note that since all the players are on the winning team at the end, there really are no losers in this game


Have the children sit in chairs that form a circle with one child, “bee keeper” in the middle. To make it even more fun, let me child wear bee antennas.

The “bee keeper” will begin the game by saying something like, “If you have ever been stung by a bee, buzz down two chairs.” Some of the children will end up on the laps of others. The “bee keeper” continues with bee related scenarios, changing the number of chairs for them to move down.

The game goes on til the clock runs out (your call on the time allotted) and another child is then the “bee keeper”.

If there are many children at the party, you can change it up with each new “bee keeper”. The next one might use things that start with the letter “b” such as: “If you took a bath this morning, buzz down one chair”. Or, “If you ate a banana his week, buzz down three chairs”. Another “bee keeper” may be asked to stick with things that are yellow. That child might say, “If you are wearing yellow, buzz down one chair,”

The object of this game is just to think and move quick. Remember to help the group keep it simple and fun!

children party games

The Bee Wand.


1) Use a child's yellow ink pad or finger paint. Make sure it is washable.

2) Have each child put his or her finger in the ink or paint, then press it onto a piece of drawing paper.

3) Use a marker or pen to draw the outline of a bee. Use crayon, marker, coloring pencil and/or watercolor paints to make wings.

4) Black stripes can be made with tiny strips of black electrical tape, drawn or painted in, or even created by using construction paper that is cut into small lines and glued on.

You can also opt to just lay out an assortment of materials and just let the youngsters bee creative.


You will need: yellow and black pipe cleaners, 3/4" black pompom, tiny wiggly eyes, glue, scissors, and a pencil.

1) Have the children sit at a table and pass out black and yellow pipe cleaners to each one. The pipe cleaners are to be folded in half.

children party games2) Help the children wind the black one around a pencil, leaving a space for the yellow one to go next to it. Work your way bottom to top so that the extra at the top forms the antennae.

3) Next, help the children wind the yellow one around right beside the black one except looping around in the middle to make wings. The yellow will not have excess so it will end by winding right before the black antennae.

4) Push the pipe cleaners up towards the top of the pencil then glue into place.

5) Glue the black pom-pom on for the head of the bee and then glue on the eyes. There you have it, bumble bee pencil toppers that each child can proudly take home.


children party games

To make one bee, you will need two black and one yellow pom-pom of any size as long as they are the same size.

Glue the black one to a yellow one and then glue the yellow to the other black one.

Add wiggly eyes and wings cut from felt or construction paper. Cut a long yellow triangle and glue on below the eyes for the stinger.


To make a set of bee antennas, you will need one plastic headband, two strips of yellow pipe cleaners, two black pipe cleaners, two black pom-poms and glue.

Twist a black pipe cleaner and a yellow pipe cleaner together and do the same with the other two. Wind each onto the headband, adjusting to resemble antennas.

Glue pom-poms to each end. With adult supervision, a hot glue gun can be used.

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