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elmo birthday cake

Now for the sweet part of Elmo, everyone's favorite...the Elmo birthday cake!

When it comes to the cake, you have several options depending on how much time and energy you are prepared to invest.

Easiest Option

One idea is to make a simple homemade cake. You can use your favorite store bought mix, your favorite recipe or use our basic yellow cake recipe.
Bake according to directions then cool.

Elmo Deco Set Each
Frost with a store bought frosting or try our delicious cream cheese frosting. Tint if desired.

Add a cake topperelmo cake for a great effect that is fun and easy.

Do It Yourself Kit

This “do-it-yourself kit” is one of our favorites. It is great for cakes and cookies, cupcakes or brownies too.

If you are feeling a bit braver and creative, check out an Elmo Cake Pan.

Bake your cake mix in a well-greased and floured shaped pan and invert onto a covered surface when cooled. Decorate according to the directions that come with the pan using icing tubes and tips.

elmo birthday cake elmo cake Elmo Cake Ideas

Another creative cake idea is a larger version of our Elmo cupcakes. Frost one round cake with red tinted frosting. I prefer using Wilton cake coloring when working with bright colors. elmo birthday cake

Make Elmo's eyes with two very large gum balls and an orange one for his nose. Use a black icing pen to dot the eyes and make a smiling mouth.

No matter which of the Elmo cakes you choose, remember to have fun and enjoy baking sweet memories that will last for years to come.

Sesame Cake Toppers (4 count)


elmo cake
Whether you opt to make it yourself or buy one, you will want the cake to be extra special for this once in a lifetime occasion.

My sister made this cake for my niece, who affectionately refers to the little red furball as “Elbow”.

The cake was a big hit with young and old alike. For a first birthday, you can add a “number one” candle on the top if you would like to.

Make a round, square of rectangle cake and add all the trimmings to make it an adorable Elmo First Birthday cake without spending much dough.

Elmo and friends figurineselmo cake can be placed on top or even Sesame Street finger puppets.elmo cake They even be given to the little guests as a party favor. A “one” candle can be added or this Elmo candle.
elmo cake


Another option is to bake a cake in the shape of a “one” and add Elmo figurines to it once it is frosted. Sprinkle some bright multi-colored sprinkles on the top and you have a great cake!

I love the idea of baking a mini cake just for baby. Some prefer to let baby dig into the main cake or at least have the first piece but I personally like the concept of making one just for the little “one”.

You can make a little version of your main cake or simply bake up a small one and decorate it with a single figurine or “one” candle.

Having a large party?

If you need to make a large cake just bake 3 regular 9"x13" cakes and line them up side by side. A 9"x13" will feed 12-15 adults.

Be sure to only bake 2 at at time or the oven temp may get off. Flip the cakes over to use as the bottom will be flatter.

I love this next tip, as I love frosting. Just use extra frosting to even out any uneven spots.

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