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A LEGO theme party is perfect for first birthday parties.
In fact my grandson had a Lego First Birthday Party. You can see our party tale here.

The bright colors and fun shapes delight young and old alike. Here you will find ideas especially suited for a LEGO first birthday such as LEGO invitations, party decorations, games, cakes and more!

The LEGO food idea section accommodates tiny tasters specially themed for LEGO®!

first birthday parties We have lots of LEGO theme games and activities that one year olds will love.

Remember to use the age appropriate large sized LEGO bricks for a first birthday parties, whether they are for games, decorations or just for play.

A first birthday is special. Have fun creating a LEGO first birthday parties and building a memory as memorial as the milestone itself!

Follow our step by step instructions for an amazing First LEGO Birthday Party! Let's get started with the invitations.


LEGO Ville Invitations (8)

First birthday parties deserves a special invitation.

LEGO Ville Invitations from Celebrate Express are great invitations.

Want to save money? Check out our homemade invitations. LEGO theme invitations can be made to look like a LEGO brick! This helps set the theme for a great party. Below you get step by step instructions for the invitations printable in pdf form.


1) Use an 8x10 piece of red, blue, yellow or green paper. You can alternate colors or use all one color. Card stock paper works best.

2) For the computer version, using your favorite program or one of our links, center a photo of the birthday child or, if you prefer, a LEGO clip art picture. LEGO photo frames are available to border pictures and LEGO font can be downloaded for an added special effect.

first birthday parties Printable Blank LEGO Invitations

3) Below the picture, invite the guest to your party. Our invitation says

“Come join the fun, Elijah is turning one!”. You can create your own wording if you would like for the first birthday parties.

4) Centered below that line should be the “where and when”. It is best to not only include the location but the exact address as well. If the place is tricky to find, don’t hesitate to make small maps to slip in the card. Make sure to state the date and the day of the week, such as: Saturday, November 22. The time of day will go beneath.

If you would like to have a good idea how many guests may show, you can add RSVP at the very bottom of the page.

5) Print the invitation.

6) Once it has been printed,fold it top to bottom with the printed side of the paper facing you. The blank side should be on the outside and the printed on the inside.

7) Cut circles out of the remaining paper and, using the same color as the paper, glue to the front of the blank side to look like a Lego brick or you can use double-sided padded adhesive dots for a 3-D effect. The fold should be at the top so it opens from the side that is decorated like a Lego.

8) Now you are ready to address and mail. Don’t forget the final touch- stickers! Lego stickers can be purchased from the Other birthday stickers are fine as well.

Congratulations on successfully completing the first step to your great first birthday party in LEGO®!

Now on to the fun stuff! The cake!


first birthday parties No LEGO party is complete without a LEGO cake to go with it. Whether you choose to use a LEGO cake mold, or opt to go the homemade LEGO cake route, we have everything you need to bake your party a success. See our array of Lego Cakes right here.


We have some ideas to make your first birthday party truly “LEGO®”.

Just go to our Lego Party Snacks page and we'll set you up.

first birthday parties


LEGOVille Basic Party Pack

Decorations at your first birthday party are like icing on the cake! Decorate in bright “LEGO®” colors: blue, yellow, red, and green. Balloons are colorful and fun. Try tying a 12” curly ribbon string to each one using a contrasting color. LEGO Ville Mylar Balloon add a great element.

You do not have to buy anything however, but the easiest way to get started is with a LEGOVille Basic Party Pack. You can add your own customized posters too. Just use bright colored poster boards to write “Happy Birthday” messages or whatever else you would like. Photos of the birthday boy or girl can be pasted on as well.

Crate paper streamers are easy to put up and add lots of color. Use all four colors or pick one. If you want to go all out, dangle large LEGO blocks from the ceiling using strong thread or dental floss.

Pinatas are festive to look at and fun to bust into later on in the party.

first birthday parties
Colorful tablecloths, napkins, paper cup and paper plates are another great way to add color and cheer to first birthday parties. Use solid bright colors or LEGO printed ones from LEGO Ville Napkins. Table displays are an excellent way to bring your theme to life. For a LEGO refreshment table, use a solid plastic tablecloth of red, blue, yellow or green. Arrange your cake and snacks on the table.

For a great centerpiece, spell out your child’s name with LEGO®. Other LEGO creations can be displayed as well.

first birthday parties A separate table for drinks is a good idea since “spills happen”. Decorate a beverage table in the same manner, using a bright colored tablecloth for the background. LEGO creations can be displayed on this table as well.

Some LEGO toys come in plastic containers shaped like a LEGO®. These are great to empty and fill with punch, juice or kool-aid. A bright colored ladle is perfect for serving into cups.

First birthday parties are the time to go all out on decorations!


first birthday parties

We have a wide variety of Lego Games for First Birthdays. It will give you lots of ideas for a great Lego Party.

Then we also have Lego Games for older children.


LEGO Ville Party Favor Box

Send them away with a smile! The fun doesn’t have to end when the party’s over. Here are some ideas to make LEGO goody bags that are sure to please.

If you prefer to purchase a pre-assembled party favor package, LEGO Ville Party Favor Box has a great gift box that includes a toy fire engine, assorted color-clay and cookie cutter, sheriff's badge clip, LEGO Ville sticker sheet and blowout.

Or, put together your own using our LEGO party favor ideas. If you have little ones attending an older child’s party, you may want to accommodate them as well.

LEGO party treats can be bagged, sacked or packaged. Choose bright colors like red, green, blue or yellow or use fill-your-own LEGO themed party boxes, available at LEGO Ville Empty Favor Boxes. Small colorful buckets or sand pails make great containers too.

First Birthday Parties LEGO goody bags should be custom built for little ones. Make sure all items are safe from choking hazards and are non-toxic. Snacks should be age appropriate as well.

A handful of colorful large LEGO bricks are great for tiny tot favors. Plastic balls, non-toxic bubbles, books, and organic play dough are great as well. LEGO fruit snack packs and a small container of boxed juice make tasty additions for this first birthday party.

You can also make small bags of toddler treats using items from the baby and toddler grocery aisle. Yogurt bites, puffs and junior cookies are excellent selections.

Preschooler favor bags still require consideration for product toxicity and choking hazards but the selection is a bit wider. Age appropriate small packages of LEGOS are sure to bring hours of fun or even a small builder set such as a car or firetruck. Consider sidewalk chalk, a small container of crayons and colorful clay.

first birthday parties If you prefer to give a one item party favor, LEGO checkers for preschoolers is a great option. For older children, Celebrate Express has great party favors such as LEGO sticker sheets and activity packs listed above as well as items specifically for bigger kids like snap and glow pops, LEGO notebooks and key chains. These things are perfect for the first birthday parties.

Whatever else you put in your party favor container, be sure to include small packages of assorted LEGO bricks or a small LEGO building set.

Enjoy using your own creativity along with our ideas. Have fun building party favor gifts that will keep building fun times long after the party.


To get right to the party pack and decorations try Celebrate Express. This is where we found the best selection of Lego birthday party supplies. But you could also mix and match lots of Lego items from Amazon.first birthday parties

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