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If the tropic is the topic that interests your birthday child, follow our easy instructions to create your own Hawaiian Luau Party Theme.

Whether your luau is a pool party, in the backyard or even indoors, you can bring the island to your party with these innovative ideas.

Welcome your guests with a banner. You can even order them personalized.

Set the mood with Hawaiian music. Play it in the background throughout the entire party and crank it up for fun games like “limbo”.

If your party is in the evening or indoors where you can dim the lights, for true blue Hawaii atmosphere. String blue led Christmas light strands around the room or yard or you can even glow blue with a blue fluorescent blacklight.

Check out this cool idea for the pool, a light show! Or, what about floating lights? If you don’t have a pool, you may want to purchase a small wading pool for this attraction.

The Hula Girl Pinata is very unique and is great fun for a decoration as well.

Add a tropical air to the party with Hula! Mylar Balloon. Mix them with colorful solid ones if you like. Tie color coordinating curly ribbons on each and place them all around. You can even bunch them together and use a coconut for a weight. Use a real one or make our homemade coconut. You can blow the balloons up yourself, have the balloons filled with helium or purchase an inexpensive helium machine.

Hula! Mylar Balloon

Still stumped on decorations?

Palm tree standees really bring a Hawaiian Luau Party Theme to life. You will feel like you are really on the island. Purchase a handful of coconuts to put around the bottom of the trees or make our use our homemade coconut instructions.

Make waves with this Hula Girl Photo Prop. Not only does it add decoration, you can take pictures of your birthday child and each of the guests. And…that’s not all. When it is time to send out thank-you notes, you can use each child’s photo to make photo thank-you post cards.


If you are into quick and easy, bake a cake using our basic cake recipe or use your favorite recipe or boxed cake mix. Frost with our basic frosting or use you own. Top the cake with miniature palm trees. You can even color some of the frosting blue for an ocean scene.

Or, use blue fondant for an even more realistic effect and use brown sugar or crushed graham crackers for the sand. Throw on a few mini surf boards if you want and maybe even a toy shark.

If you want to go all out, you can make a cake shaped like a palm tree and decorate it or cut your own cake out using our palm tree cake instructions. Pineapple shaped cakes are great too.


Invitations set the mood for the party.

You can totally customize your invitations with a photo. A pictures of the birthday boy or girl is a great idea. Get really original by taking a picture of him or her in a Summer Fun costume or by the pool or beach. A photo prop can bring the beach to you.

Another bright idea is to have them draw a picture of summer fun and use it. Easel and chalkboard framed hand drawn invitations are unique and personal.

Make waves with this innovative idea. Message in a bottle tropical invitations are available in a number of fun themes. Fill-in-the-blank tropical postcard and mailing label are included in a plastic bottle. All you add is the postage.

Mail the invitations one to two weeks before the party. Don’t forget any special instructions like: bring your bathing suit, dress for a Luau, or RSVP.

After filling out the invitations and addressing the envelopes, add some confetti before sealing. Summer fun stickers and a photo postage stamp add the finishing touches. You can even order personalized stickers.


Hula! Deluxe Party Pack

Bring the islands to your tables. On each table, you can use a Hula Luau theme table cover. You can opt for a bright colored solid instead. These hula skirts really set a tropical mood for your party.

Centerpieces really define your table.

Tiki torch candles are hot and make great centerpieces. They are so inexpensive, you can place one on every table.

Bright colored Hawaiian leis can be placed on the tables. Later you can give one to each guest as a party favor.

Keep your guests cool. Check out Tiki table covers. These are especially good for tables where your guests will be sitting.


Your guests are sure to work up a thirst with all the hula luau fun they will be having so serve them in style from a great beverage table. Make sure everything around the drink area is waterproof as much as possible.

Along with a nice centerpiece, the punch bowl can be the center of attraction. You can, of course, use a traditional punch bowl but you can also get creative and use a medium to large gold fish bowl.

For even more fun, Amazon has fish shaped ice cube trays. For the drink, use blue kool-aid or our Blue Hawaii Punch recipe. Add the cubes just before serving or you can put the ice in the cups.

A fish or flower ice ring is another cool idea. Simply follow our ice ring instructions and add flowers (silk or plastic work but you can also use real ones) or small toy fish.

We have a collection of island smoothies and slushies. Serve them up in cups with parasol straws or one of these tropical glasses. These are as decorative on the table as they are fun to drink out of.

Ice down boxed or canned drinks with a palm tree cooler. It can actually serve as the centerpiece for the beverage table as well.

Snow cones are great at a Hula Luau. You can rent a machine or even purchase an inexpensive one from online stores such as Amazon’s Hawiian Shaved Ice Party Package. If you choose to have one, make it a festive part of the table by setting snow cone cups and syrups out attractively. We have found the snow cone section gets lots of attention.


If your gonna have a luau, you’ve gotta have food! We have some great ideas for you.

Especially if your luau is at mealtime, you will want to serve some filling dishes like our tropical ham rolls and luau kabobs. You can also make sandwiches and cut them out with fish shaped cookie cutters. Tuna boats are another good idea. Volcano bean dip and chips are hot for sure.

On the lighter side, a fruit tray never fails to please everyone. Include plenty of island fruit like pineapple, coconut, mango, kiwi and papaya. Fruit pizza is a fun twist.Dried fruit like pineapple and mango are nice and you can mix them with nuts or purchase a trail mix.

Fish shaped crackers can be served straight out of an empty gold fish bowl.

For the island sweet tooth try gummy fish and shark. We also have some fantastic Hawaiian Luau Party Theme, cookies and check out our coconut bars too.

Authentic coconut bowls are just a few dollars each and are awesome for serving up our island pudding.



Let the children make their own lei necklaces for loads of fun and a great party favor when completed. Let the children trim colorful tissue paper into lots of scallop shaped flowers. You can even use cupcake liners if you’d rather.

Then the children can string the flowers onto necklace size pieces of yarn using a large embroidery needle. They can tie knots to keep the flowers in place or use cut pieces of bright colored straws or even macaroni noodles that you've dyed with food coloring before the party.

When each child has made a necklace, help tie them on and let them wear them for the remainder of the party and take them home.


You will need one large trashbag with drawstring for each child. You can use white, black or green. Lay the bag out flat and let the children cut the bottom off.

Then, have them cut half inch strips.

Once the drawstring is tightened, have them roll the waistband so it will be thicker.

Walah…it’s a grass skirt!


Use our homemade snow globe instructions to make these fun and adorable island globes. Purchase mini plastic palm trees, hula dancers or any island theme miniature at a craft store or online for the inside figurine.

You can even purchase 2x2 mini hula luau ducks to use. Add blue food coloring to the water and then let the children choose from an assortment of floating decorations such as: palm tree confetti, palm tree and fish confetti, brown mini balls (for coconuts), and/or blue chunky glitter.


Purchase one hula hoop for each guest and let them decorate them. Set out fun supplies to use such as bright colored electrical or masking tape (available in florescent and glow in the dark), hula luau stickers, sequins, shells, buttons and beads to hot glue on (of course you or another adult do the gluing), and lots of charms and island themed accessories that can be tied on with nylon thread.

You can even set out some really awesome glow paint and glow items online from Shindigz. After the art session, have each child hula with their fancy hoop to show it off.


This is an exciting murder mystery game called Murder Mystery Party - Lethal Luau. The game takes place in beautiful Maui, Hawaii where it is sunset on the beach.

When a private eye is poisoned at his birthday party, the mystery begins. Game includes party planner with recipes and menu, music and decorating tips, character booklets for all suspects which explains roles and background information on each, eight place cards, eight invitations and envelopes, six secret clues and a compact disk with an introduction and summery of events and last but not least, the solution to the crime.

For the ultimate in fun, have your guests dress the part of the characters.


Put on the music and get ready to play Musical Seashells. This game comes complete with 8 cut-out plastic seashells and 8 great Hula Luau songs. Not only is the game a blast for the children to play, it is hassel-free for you.


There are so very many Hawaiian Luau Party Theme favors to choose from, you’ll have as much fun filling them as the children will receiving them.

Fill a container, like this Hula Luau theme party box, with tropical treats. Bright colored beach bags are great to use and can be personalized as well. You can even add on iron on transfer design like a palm tree or tropical beach scene.

Beach balls, lei necklaces and bracelets, flower hair accessories, and pineapple sip cups are a few of the many favors you can include. Other fun favors include: fun tropical sun hats, sun glasses, palm tree umbrella straws, and magic towel capsules that expand in water (available at many dollar stores).

Child's Hula Set Each

Don’t forget to add a sweet treat to the mix. Sand art candy is fun and tasty too and take a look at these Hawaiian goodies.

We have found that pre-packaged party boxes are often less expensive than assembling our own and usually come with a bag, sack or box to hold the treats. Here are some of our favorite ready-made Hula Luau gift sets.


Personalized stickers, magnets, luggage tags and more are available through Birthday in a Box with your birthday child’s name on the item. You can also add a special message. They have also have the most complete set of Luau birthday items.

Shindgiz has a Let's Hula Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit. The good thing about this store is that have reduced shipping and lots of favors.

Celebrate Express also has a different Hawaiian Luau party theme, so be sure to check all the stores to see which Luau theme you like best.

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