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Ice ring recipes have become a family tradition. From formal wedding receptions to kid’s birthday parties, we love to stretch our imaginations to create ice rings fit for each occasion. I first learned about ice rings from my sister, Linda, who is Kim’s mother. She was making one for my niece, Lori’s, wedding reception.

The wedding was done in bright primary colors. No one could pull a rainbow colored wedding off like Linda and Lori. Being an elementary school teacher then vice-principal, the colors fit Lori so I watched in amazement as the mother and daughter team splashed the color theme together in flowers, balloons, and even in an ice ring.


In a jello mold, Linda froze some water then spinkled on some fresh flower petals off the flowers that had just been delivered. She added more water and froze again for several hours until the punch was ready to be served. She simply plopped the ring into the red punch and it was gorgeous.I was hooked! From then on, every party had to have an ice ring.

We hope you get hooked on ice rings too. It is often the small details that really add the finishing touches to your party to make it way cool, literally!


Cover the bottom of a Jell-O mould or 8” round cake pan with one to two inches of water and freeze until solid. Add a flip-flop (unworn, of course) then cover with water and freeze until that layer is also frozen solid. Add another inch or two of water and freeze until just before adding to punch. If you have trouble getting it out, dip into a sink of lukewarm water.

Add food coloring to the water if desired. For a more defining color, we prefer Wilton food coloring.

You can also use juice instead of water but you will want an opague colored juice, like pineapple juice or lemonade, so you can see the flip-flop.

You may find it easier to use a small size flip-flop depending on what container you use to freeze the ice and also depending on the size of your punch bowl.

Flip-flops come in an array of designs like the ones on Amazon so you can easily find the flip-flop that goes best with your party.


Use any bowl that is about half the size of your punch bowl and which will also fit in your freezer. A Jell-O mould bowl works well and the shaped bottom adds a decorative touch.

Choose any edible flower to use. Though they are not to eat, you never know with kids. Place them face down and cover them with water, using at least 4 cups.

Place in the freezer for 24 hours or until completely frozen. Un-mold when ready to use. If the ice ring does not come out easily, immerse in lukewarm water.

Use silk or plastic flowers if you would rather.

For a Hula Luau theme party, you can use a lei in place of the flowers.

Now put a layer of flowers and leaves in the bottom of your mold. The layer should be about 1 inch deep. While you need to be sure to put the flowers face down, arranging is not necessary, since they will float when you add the water.

Next add 1 ½ inches of water to your mold and place in the freezer for an hour or so, until solidly frozen. When frozen remove from freezer and add another 1 inch layer of flowers and leaves.

Add more water, just to cover the layer and refreeze. Repeat this step until your mold is full or the ring is as deep as you would like it to be.

When you are ready to unmold your ring, fill your sink or a bowl with hot water and dip the bottom of your mold in the hot water for approximately 10 seconds. Shake this to see if your ring has loosened up.

If so, invert your mold onto the platter that you have chosen to make your fruit ring. If your mold does not appear to have loosened enough to be removed, dampen a dish towel in hot water and place this over the inverted mold on the platter. Shake this gently to remove the ice ring from the mold..

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