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Kids Birthday Party Games

kids birthday party games

With the children sitting around in a circle, dump a large assortment of LEGO bricks out. Set a timer for five minutes or whatever time you choose. Let the children see who can build the highest tower without letting the bricks fall.


Kids Birthday Party Games

kids birthday party games

Fill a container with LEGO bricks and count them. Have the children guess how many LEGO they have. The closest guesser wins!


kids birthday party games

Players form a circle.

A LEGO block is passed from player to player while music plays. When the music stops, the player who has the LEGO is out and sits in the center. The last one out wins. Stops should be made frequently so the game moves quickly and players will not be out for a long period.


Kids Birthday Party Games

kids birthday party games

Choose an area of play where there is a straight line. Pick one player to be the "traffic light". The players line up behind the line and the traffic light stands some distance away from the line (from 10 to 40 feet).

The traffic light begins by facing the players. At this point the light is considered to be red, and the traffic light child holds up a red LEGO brick, preferably a large one.

The players are not allowed to move forward on a red light. The traffic light now turns away and shouts, "Green Light!" The traffic light child holds up a green LEGO. The players all move toward the traffic light.

After a time period, (no less than 2 seconds and not more than 10) the traffic light shouts "Red Light!" and then turns around, holding up a red LEGO brick.

Any player caught moving after the light turns red is sent back to the start. The first player to cross a designated finish line becomes the traffic light.


kids birthday party games

Use chalk to draw a hopscotch pattern on the ground or use masking tape on a floor. Create a diagram with 8 sections and number them. Each player has a LEGO block for a marker.

The first player stands behind the starting line to toss her or his LEGO marker in square 1.

Hop over square 1 to square 2 and then continue hopping to square 8, turn around, and hop back again.

Pause in square 2 to pick up the LEGO, hop in square 1, and out. Then continue by tossing the LEGO in square 2.

All hopping is done on one foot unless the hopscotch design is such that two squares are side-by-side. Then two feet can be placed down with one in each square. A player must always hop over any square where a maker has been placed.

A player is out if the LEGO fails to land in the proper square, the hopper steps on a line, the hopper looses balance when bending over to pick up the LEGO and puts a second hand or foot down, the hopper goes into a square where a LEGO marker is, or if a player puts two feet down in a single box.

The player puts the LEGO in the square where he or she will resume playing on the next turn, and the next player begins.

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