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kids games These kids games all have to do with flip flops!

Hide flip-flops all over the yard or room and see who can find the most.

Add a twist by using tiny flip-flops and huge ones too. Give each child a flip-flop bag to put them in and set a timer or play a song from a summer music CD.

When time is up, count each player’s flip-flop collection and the one with the most wins.

A pair of flip-flops or a flip-flop key chain makes a nice prize for this game.


kids games Hang a sheet six inches from the ground. Give each child a number and have them shut their eyes. Write all the numbers down on little pieces of paper and put in a bowl. Draw a number and quietly go to that child and have them pick a pair of thongs to put on.

Then that child will stand behind the sheet. The children can only look at the feet, not to see who is missing. They must then guess who the feet belong to.

Once the correct child is guessed, start the game again.


kids games This Flip Flop Pinata is a must have for your Flip-Flop party. It is probably the favorite of all kids games.

Hang it up and let them swing! This piñata can be ordered with filler candy and small toys to be included as well as a blindfold and buster bat.


kids games This is one of the kids games that has stood the test of time. Add a flip-flop flair to the old favorite and you’ll have them hopping in no time.Designate an area on the porch, sidewalk or on the driveway. Draw a starting line with a piece of sidewalk chalk. It should be about six inches behind the first square. Then draw boxes, two that are side by side and then a single and repeat.

To begin, the player tosses a flip-flop onto square one.

The must hop over that square and land on squares two and three with one foot in each.

Then they hop on one foot only and land on four, then two feet on five and six and so on until the end when they must turn around on one foot and come back the same way but stopping on two and three to pick up the marker on one. The square that had the flip-flop is always skipped. If the player was successful, he or she continues the game but tosses the flip-flop onto square two, then three, etc. Once the player has completed all squares or makes a mistake, it is the next players turn.

You can have the children wear flip-flops to play the game. Or even have them wear some really big ones. It will make this kids game a little more difficult.



kids games Plan the course prior to the party and if possible, set it up before too. The game can be played inside or out.

Use baskets, boxes, crates, blankets, beach towels, chairs, lawn furniture, swim rings, swim noodles, trash cans, piles of flip-flops, pillows and whatever else you can find to create an obstacle course that the players must go under, over and through to reach the flip-flop.

Divide the group into two teams. Let one team go first and time them on the course.

They must each wear only one flip-flop and successfully complete the course to retrieve the matching flip-flop then come back to the starting line where they will give the next team member one flip-flop to wear and will run the other one back to the finish line for the player to retrieve. Once the player has run the flip-flop to the finish line, the next one can go.

They must not start though until the shoe is in place.

The team that finishes in the least amount of time wins.


kids games Set an area up with supplies such as craft glue, colorful ribbons, bows of all shapes and sizes, fun buttons, foam decorations, paint pens and glitter paint pens, rhinestones, tiny sea shells, beads, and any other notions you can rustle up. For boys, try camouflage decorations, sports buttons and boyish foam cut-outs.

You can even include stamp art supplies in fun summer themes. Put on some summer music and let them create. At the end of the art session, have each child display his or her flip-flops and let the group judge who’s is the best.

A low heat glue gun works best but if you use one, the activity must be supervised by an adult.


Have the children put on flip-flops, either their own or some you provide. Tie water ballonskids games on to each players flip-flops (two balloons to each child).

Use sturdy sting or yarn. The object is to stomp other player’s balloons while protecting your own. Put some summer music on let the fun begin. When the music stops, everyone must stop. The player or players with balloons still intact wins. If there is a tie, let them have a face off.


Use a string to separate an area into two sides. Divide the group into two teams, one team to each side of the string. Use an inflatable flip-flop or flip-flop balloon for the teams to volley back and forth.

The object is to keep the flip-flop in the air and to get it to the other side. The players cannot hold the flip-flop though they can pass it once to a team member to get it over to the other side. If the flip-flop hits the ground or is held, that team gets a point. The first team to ten loses.



This game will leave them breathless! Set up a wading pool and give each child a flip-flop to be his or her “boat”. Have the children blow their boat to the finish line.

Before the game, the children can decorate flip-flops that will be used for the game. See our easy flip-flop decorating page for instructions and ideas.


The youngsters will flip over this fun game. Hide flip-flops of all colors and sizes in a sandbox and make sure they are covered well with the sand. Give each child a flip-flop bag to hold their finds and let them do what kids love to do, scoop and dig through the sand.


Have the children sit in a circle and put on some fun summer music. Hand one child an inflatable flip-flop (or even a regular flip-flop will do) and have the child pass it to the next person as fast as he or she can, like it is hot. When the music ends, the person holding the flip-flop (or who touched it last) is out and sits in the middle of the circle.

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