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These are LEGO Games.

One year-olds love to have fun with Lego Games. They love to laugh and to learn and don’t require much to do so, so keep it simple when deciding on games and activities for the party.

Though baby’s guest list will most likely include a wide range of ages, make sure to include some games especially for your one year old. Along with the special section for first birthday party games, here are some games and activities with LEGO themes for one year-olds.


One year-olds love to put things in and dump things out. Spread a blanket out in the center of the room and position participants around in a circle. Give each a bright colored sack or basket then bring in a mound of large LEGO bricks.

You can even wheel the LEGO in using a little red wagon if you want. Dump the LEGO in the middle of the circle and let the babies make a mad dash to get them.

Walk, crawl, or scoot, it doesn’t matter how they get to the pile. Some may even require a little help from mom or dad. Some may fill their sack or basket, others may just play with the blocks while others may opt to munch on them.

The object of the game is to…well, there is no object of this game except to have fun watching what each baby does. Have fun and remember…there will be plenty of time for more complicated Lego games in the years to come so enjoy the simple life while you can!


Build a house, tower or any large object. Spread a blanket out and position the babies in a semi-circle around you. Hide your face with the LEGO object you built and say “gone, gone…”. Then move the object and say “peek-a-boo”. Repeat again and again and listen to the squeals of laughter. This activity may sound boring to you, but your one year-old will love it.


Using a blanket for padding, dump a pile of LEGO at one end of the blanket and position the babies at the other end. Play one of baby’s favorite songs (you can even use a musical toy). Watch the babies as they go for the goal…or not. Some may walk or crawl straight to the pile while others may sit and observe. Others may get a bit side-tracked. It is fun to watch what each one does and remember, as with all the games, everyone’s a winner

lego games


Have each child sit in a circle around a pile of LEGO . Let them take turns adding a brick to see how high they can build the tower. Since the object of this game is to have fun, the child whose block tumbles the tower gets to put down the first brick to start another tower. Stand or fall, everyone is a winner!


lego games

Before the party, construct farm animals out of LEGO bricks. The LEGO farm set is especially designed to make animals, but they can be made from any set.

Stand the children in a circle and lay the farm animals in the middle. Help them sing the song “Farmer in the Dell” while they hold hands and walk slowly around in a circle.

When the song says to pick an animal, a cow for instance, let the children point to the cow in the center of the circle. Hold the correct animal up and clap. Take turns naming the different animals in the song and letting the children guess which animal. This is a great one for first birthday parties.


Construct a bridge out of LEGO , leaving a tunnel large enough for children to crawl through. Have the children form a line and sing “London Bridge is Falling Down” while taking turns crawling under the bridge.


lego gamesMake familiar animals and other objects, like a car and a house, and hold each one up for the children to guess what it is.


Give each child five LEGOS . The players go from player to player, exchanging LEGO with each other. They can give away as many or few as they want, but they cannot refuse LEGO from other players. After approximately 2 minutes the leader calls “Stop!”

The leader then calls out a “lucky number” between one and twenty. Whoever has that number of LEGOS wins.

For more LEGO party games go to Kid Lego Games.

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