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Here are some ideas to make your first birthday party truly “LEGO®”.

Kellogg's™ Lego Party snack packs are available at Target. Fill a bright colored bowl with the snacks or scatter individual packets out upon the refreshment table.

Use a LEGO® Ice Brick Tray to make finger jello, a creative and delicious LEGO® snack that won’t melt!

Or, if you prefer, use a 9x9 baking dish or regular ice trays. Cut into squares when the jello is set. Either way, the blocks can be made in fun flavors like cherry, lemon and lime and can be arranged in a single layer on a serving plate or stacked in whatever formation you choose.

Here is the best recipe we have found:


3 boxes of your favorite Jello

4 packages Knox Clear Gelatin

1/2 cup granulated sugar

4 cups boiling water

1 cup cold water

Place the ingredients in order listed into 9 x 13 x 2-inch pan, mix until well dissolved and place in refrigerator until set.


Fruit is always a healthy hit with children (and parents too). Flair up your fruit tray by making a LEGO® serving dish.

A vegetable/cheese tray is a “blockbuster” idea as well. Arrange sliced vegetables and cheese cubes on a bright serving plate or colorful plastic cutting board. Construct a LEGO® project to sit next to the dish. Don’t forget to involve your child. You might be amazed at his or her creative abilities!

Make a great snack for little guests by filling a party treat bag with tasty toddler snacks made especially for youngsters. These are generally made without preservatives and are easy for toddlers to eat. Gerber yogurt melts (available in strawberry, mixed berries and peach) are a sure hit as well as Gerber Puffs which come in a vegetable and fruit flavors. Graduate Fruit Strips, dried fruit pieces, and Hugga Bear Organic Cookies are good choices as well.

* LEGO® – Homemade LEGO® treat bags can be made using clear baggies tied with red, blue, green and yellow curly ribbons. Bright colored sacks can be used too. Try decorating with LEGO® stickers.

Add your own touches to the preparation and presentation and get ideas from your child as well. Most of all, have fun building memories that, like LEGOS®, will be around for years to come! Enjoy!!!

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