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mickey mouse birthday

Everyone loves Mickey Mouse, so why not make Disney's Mickey Mouse Birthday the theme for your child's next birthday party?

Mickey is timeless. Check out the picture. That is CJ and her son and me as well!

mickey mouse birthday

Mickey and his Clubhouse friends, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto can't wait to get started on a fun filled birthday party.

This party is one of our all time favorites. My niece had this party just recently and it was as popular as ever.

It is perfect for both toddlers and pre-schoolers. With our tried and true ideas and instructions along with a great selection of party products, you just can't go wrong with Mickey and friends.

If you want to go straight to Mickey supplies this store has the items put all together. You can put your party together quickly.

Pinatas.com store also has very good prices. Just go here. This store is often 25% cheaper than other stores.

At Buy Costumes the shipping is a flat rate at $4.99.

Shindigz often has free shipping on orders over a certain amount. They change monthly but it usually ranges from $40-$85 for free shipping. They have unusual things like standees and great favors.

Celebrate Express is one of my favorite stores. They have great selections and offer deals on free shipping.


mickey mouse birthday Once you have determined when and where the party will be, you will want to make a guest list. When you have done that, it is time to prepare the invitations.

Making your own invitations is fun and you can let your birthday Mouseketeer help.

Homemade Mickey invitations can be as simple as drawing a Mickey Mouse silhouette on black construction paper. Then cut it out and glue it on to red card stock paper. With a black thin line marker, fill out the inside stating who the party is for, when, and where. Don't forget to include the day, date and time as well as the address.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Invitations (8)

You may prefer to purchase invitations. This one is our favorite.

Confetti is fun to put inside the invitations.

You can also purchase Mickey Mouse stamps at usps.com. Finish up by letting your little one place Mickey Mouse birthday stickers on the envelopes.

It is best to send the invitations out 2-3 weeks before the party.

I never realized just how important that was until moving to a small mountain community recently. Shopping is almost two hours from our town so it is a must to give advance notice so parents can pick up a present while in the city.

Once you have completed the above, you are on your way to having an awesome Meeska-Mooska-Mickey Mouse birthday party.



mickey mouse birthday Turn your home into a party your child and guests will remember for years to come.

It’s easy! We have loads of ideas and instructions to get your imagination flowing. Don’t forget to involve your birthday boy or girl. You may be surprised at what great ideas they come up with.


Greet your guests with a banner. Choose from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck or for the girls, Minnie Mouse and Daffy Duck.

mickey mouse birthday

Yard Signs

Yard signs are a great idea too. They not only welcome your guests but help them find your house as well. I often order two banners and use one for a yard sign by cutting a piece of cardboard which I secure to a stake. Then I glue a banner to the cardboard, tie some colorful balloons on and stick it in the front yard.


Why not have Mickey and friends personally greet the little ones as they arrive? Standees are available in Mickey, Minnie and Donald.

Decorate the main party room with primary colors. Solid colored balloons can be mixed with Mickey Mouse mylar balloons.

Tie coordinating colored curly ribbons on the balloons and hang them from the ceiling and tie them to chairs. You can even let helium filled ones float in the air. Children love balloons so make sure you have lots of them. They make great take home favors too!


Mickey Mouse streamers add a fun flair. Hang strands along the walls and across the doorways and drape them across the ceiling too.


Bring your walls to life with Mickey and friends birthday wall decorations. They are fun to put on doors too!

Mickey and friends stuffed animals and toys can be hung from the ceiling, placed on tables and even scattered about on the floor.

mickey mouse birthday Mickey Airwalker Balloon was a huge hit at my niece's party. All the kids wanted to play with him.

Homemade Decoration Idea

If you want to go all out, we have just the thing…a homemade Mickey Mouse Birthday fun box.

With one large cardboard box, some markers, paint and a little imagination, you can create a funhouse.

1) Cut out some windows and doors and paint the “house” a bright fun color.

2) Use the marker to write “Mickey’s birthday ” above the door.

3) You can even set a small table and some chairs inside.

Now that we have got your imagination wheels turning, you are well on your way to turning your home into a world of Mickey Mouse fun.


mickey mouse birthday There are so many ways you can decorate tables for your Mickey Mouse birthday party, you may want to grab some extra tables from the attic. You can create separate tables for the cake, beverages, gifts and snacks if you want to.

Start by covering the table.

Mickey Mouse birthday table covers are fun and inexpensive but you can also drape a black, red or bright colored sheet over the table as well.

Mickey's Clubhouse Centerpiece

You can place Mickey and friends stuffed animals and toys on the tables.

On the cake and/or beverage table, a centerpiece is always a nice attractions. Check out this one to the right.

When putting together the food, cake and drink tables, you can make the cups, plates and napkins part of the decorations with festive Mickey Mouse themed designs.

Crate paper can be added around the tables and balloons can be anchored on them too. Use your own imagination and don't hesitate to let your Mouseketeer help. Children are often more creative than we can imagine.

Have fun and it will show!


mickey mouse birthday

Mickey Mouse cakes have been being made since Mickey began. Here is our collection of Mickey Cakes and Cupcakes.

mickey mouse birthday


Mickey and his Clubhouse friends are having a snack attack. We have put together some fun Mickey Mouse Clubhouse food suggestions and recipes that we think your birthday Mouseketeer and Clubhouse friends will enjoy as much as we have. Continue here with all our snacks, drinks, cookies and more.


Meeska-mooska-Mickey Mouse! Time for Mickey's Clubhouse crafts.

You will probably want to have some Birthday craft projects lined up to do. Even tiny ones enjoy a short and simple craft time. We have narrowed down some of our favorite, tried and true, Birthday projects. We still have a lot so they have their own page now... Mickey Mouse Crafts

mickey mouse birthday


mickey mouse birthday Welcome to Mickey's Games! From Ice Breakers, to preschool, to toodler we have your covered with games.

Right here you'll find our Mickey Mouse Games.


mickey mouse birthday There’s a mouse in the house! Lots of them! It’s Mickey…and his friends. Children love costumes so we have plenty of ideas for your party from very simple and inexpensive to extravagant. mickey mouse birthday

What’s a Mickey Mouse party without mouse ears? Greet your guests with a pair to wear at the party and take home as a reminder of the fun they had.

How about a Mickey Mouse t-shirt too? It’s a must have for the birthday boy or girl but we found them priced low enough you can afford one for the guests too!

If you want to go all out, this Mickey Mouse costume is simply adorable. For the girls, this Minnie dress is perfect and even come with headband mouse ears and a matching pink and white bow. Shoes may be purchased separately.

Don’t leave the little ones out. Check out these great costumes for babies and toddlers.

Try this on for size. You too can join the club with this adult Minnie dress.

Our picks are affordable and even more so when you use them later for Halloween costumes or even for fun family skits and plays.


Send Mouseketeer cheer home with the guests! Children look forward to party treat bags so make yours really great with our fun ideas.

First you will want to decide what you will put the favors in because that will determine how many you will need and what sizes will fit.

Here are some of our favorite party favor containers.

You can also make your own. It's easy and your birthday boy or girl can help. Place Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stickers on red sacks. You can also write each guest's name on their sack with a glitter pen.

Favor bags and boxes can be purchased pre-filled which is a time saver and often times a money saver as well. Check these out.

If you prefer to make up your own goodie bag or box, we have some great ideas. Minnie and Mickey balls are great as are fun straws and punch balloons.

Bath time color tints are an original addition. Mickie Mini Doodle activity pads and Twist and Turn puzzles are awesome too.

Stickers are always a hit. Birthday Express has several sticker pages to choose from and sticker books too!

For the girls this Minnie Mouse diary is really cute.

Bubbles, play dough and crayon candy will provide hours of entertainment long after the party is over. Mini coloring books and a small set of crayons are nice too.

Don't forget snacks. Goofy sour candy packs, Mickey Mouse pez dispenser candies, and Mickey Mouse apple snacks are candies we included in our bags.

No matter what treasures you choose to send the Mouseketeers home with, you will surely have as much fun making the goody bags as the children will playing with them.

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