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mickey mouse cake

We saw this mickey mouse cake at my niece's party. The mickey hat came off to be the first birthday cake. It was adorable. You could use our silhouette cake on top of a cake to create this affect.

mickey mouse cake


I made this cake years ago for my son's second birthday. He is grown now but the memories live on!!

I used a Wilton Mickey Mouse cake pan and decorated it with Wilton supplies according to the directions.

The cake was a success and I am happy to share the instructions with our readers so you too can bake a Mickey memory.

mickey mouse cake Mix up cake batter using our basic yellow cake recipe or your own favorite. Of course you can use a store bought boxed mix instead.

Pour into a well greased (or sprayed) and floured Mickey Mouse shaped cake pan.

Bake according to directions on cake mix. Decorate using decorator's icing that you will place inside tubes and use various size tips to achieve the desired effects. Decorator kits are available and usually turn out to be more economical. mickey mouse cake

Your cake pan should come with instructions for decorating but some do not especially if you purchased a used one. In that case, you can look online. Wilton has free instructions for their cake pans. Otherwise you can get creative and come up with your own.

Place the finished cake on a covered board or large cookie sheet. My sister taught me a great tip. She found that the plastic table covers she would purchase for a party were oversized and hung over the edge so she uses the extra to line a wooden board to place the cake on.

You can write on the cake if you would like and of course you will want to add candles.

Be sure to take plenty of pictures so you too can look back twenty- something years later and enjoy the memories.


mickey mouse cake

We are all busy these days and sometimes your schedule just doesn't allow for time consuming cake baking. That is when this cute Mickey Mouse cake topper from Birthday Express comes in handy.

Simply bake two round cakes and frost or ice then top with Mickey and Goofy. The toy actually cranks and spins.


This cake is adorable and very easy to make. Bake two round cakes using our basic cake recipe, your own favorite or a store bought mix.

When the cakes have baked according to the instructions, and cooled, cut one in half. Frost the whole one with chocolate frosting or use our cream cheese frosting and tint black with Wilton cake coloring. Position the two halves to be Mickey's ears. Attach with frosting and then frost the ears as well. Or, you can use one 8" round cake for the head and two small round ones for the ears. Follow the instructions above for attaching and decorating. This cake is really cute with a fun Mickey Mouse candle placed on top.

mickey mouse cake


Cupcakes are as fun and easy to make as they are to eat. We have rounded up some great ideas for you.

If you are into making cup cakes from scratch, whip up a batch from our basic yellow cake recipe. Bake in Mickey Mouse baking cups. Frost with our basic frosting recipe or use your own. Tint the frosting red. I like Wilton cake coloring for bold colors.

Use thin mint chocolate candies or any chocolate wafer shaped candy to make a Mickey Mouse silhouette, with a whole candy for the head and two halves for the ears. You can leave it as a silhouette or create a face on it with icing gel pens.

Another great idea is cupcake sprinkles. Simply make cupcakes, frost in any color frosting and add sprinkles.

Cupcake toppers are and cupcake rings are always a hit with the kids or you can top with a Mickey Mouse toy or blow-out. mickey mouse cake Simply frost the cupcake and add sprinkles if desired then top with the item of your choice. The fun thing is that the kids get to keep the toy off the top. These are our favorite, quick, easy and oh so yummy!

mickey mouse cake

Check out this great cupcake holder!

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