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Mickey Mouse PARTY GAMES

Mickey Mouse party games

Mickey Mouse party games Welcome to Mickey's Clubhouse!

Here you will find our pick of games that we have used at our Mickeyparties. We have included inside and outside games so you can pick and choose the games that are right for your party. No matter which you pick your birthday boy or girl and guests are sure to have plenty of fun with Mickeyand friends.


Ice breakers help the children get to know one another and feel more comfortable so I do ice breakers at all my parties, no matter what the age of the children (or adults). I like to do them early on so everyone is more relaxed from the beginning.

Here are my favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ice breakers that I think you're little guests will enjoy.


Mickey Mouse party games Tell the children that Mickeyis happy to have more friends in his Clubhouse and would like for them to introduce themselves. Next, explain how to play the name game.

I used a stuffed Mickey Mouse toy but you can use a ball, balloon or even a small pillow. Have the birthday boy or girl go first and say their name, then throw the object to another child. That child states his or her name and throws it to a child and so forth until everyone has had a turn.


Mickey Mouse party games Have the children sit in a circle and take turns telling who their favorite Clubhouse character is and why. One may say he likes Donald Duck because he talks funny. Another may like Goofy because he is silly. If you are like me, you will be amazed at some of the things the children come up with.

*This ice breaker is best for older preschoolers.


Mickey Mouse party games This fun game can be played with all ages. Have the children sit in a circle and take turns putting on a set of Mickey Mouse ears then telling something about themselves. Younger children may just say how old they are or something simple while the older ones may tell something they like to do or their favorite color.


Mickey Mouse party games This game is Mickey's version of Hot Potato. Have the children sit in a circle and turn on some Mickeymusic. Give the birthday child a stuffed Mickey Mouse or any soft object and have him or her throw it to another child.

Explain to the children the object is to get rid of the object as quickly as they can and that whoever has the object when the music stops is “out”. Make sure that being “out” is a fun thing so no one gets upset. Play until only one child is left in the circle.

* Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD is available online as well as plush Mickey Mouse toys.


This game is played much like “Duck Duck Goose”. Have all the children sit in a circle.

Pick one child to start the game. He or she will walk around the circle and tap a child on the head and say, “meeska”.

Then he or she taps the next one and says, “mooska”. Then “Mickey” and “Mouse”.

The child tapped as the “Mouse” must jump up and try to tag the child who is “it” while “it” tries to sit where the “Mouse” was sitting before he or she gets tagged.

If he or she does, the “Mouse” becomes “it”. If “it” is tagged by the “Mouse”, he or she remains “it”.


Put a fun twist on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” party game and pin the ears on Mickey. You can make your own by downloading and printing out a large picture of Mickey Mouse and then printing out a set of ears that the children will use to try to pin on to Mickeywhile blindfolded. The child who comes the closest to the appropriate spot wins.

What I did was to use a large piece of white flannel for the background and then traced and cut Mickey Mouse out of pieces of felt and glued onto the white background.

Then I traced and cut a set of Mickey Mouse ears. No pins were needed when the children played the games as the felt ears stuck to the felt Mickey Mouse.


Mickey Mouse party games Mickeyand his clubhouse friends must find the clubhouse! Designate a “clubhouse” such as a cardboard box painted like the real clubhouse or an imaginary one like a table or chair.

Line the children up in two even groups and place various objects between them and the clubhouse. Lawn furniture, pillows, empty boxes and even toys make great obstacles to go under, over and around. “

Let one team start the game off. The first player braves the obstacles to reach the clubhouse where he will grab a set of Mickeyears and run back with them, passing them to the next runner. Then it is time for the next team to race. Time each team and the one with the fastest time wins.

MickeyMAY I?

You guessed it!

This fun game is like “Mother May I?”. One child starts the game off by being “it”. The others form a line and follow the instructions beginning with “MickeyMay I?” such as, “Mickeymay I take one step?” The children would take a step.

“Mickeymay I pat my head?” means the children pat their heads.

“Touch your toes,” does not start with “Mickeymay I?” so any child who touches his or her toes is out. Let the children take turns being “it”.


Mickey Mouse party games Explain to the children that Donald Duck is trying to make it back to the clubhouse before he is tagged. Using one non-helium balloon, let one child be Donald Duck.

He will throw the balloon into the air and try to run to a place that is designated as the clubhouse before any of the other children can catch the balloon and tag him.

If he is tagged, the child who tags him gets to be Donald and try to make it safely to the clubhouse.

· Use a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Donald Duck balloon for an festive touch.

· If you want to go all out, let your birthday boy or girl help you make a clubhouse out of a big cardboard box before the party. You can use it for other games as well.


Have the children divide into two teams. They can name their team if they would like to.

The teams line up beside each other and the first child in each group is given a pair of Mickey Mouse ears.

On the count of three the first child on each team puts on the ears and then quickly takes them off and passes them to the player behind them.

The object is to get the ears to the last player as fast as possible but each child must put on the ears and take them off, passing them to the person behind them, without dropping the ears.

If the ears are dropped, the team must start over. The team that finishes first wins.


Mickey Mouse party games No birthday party is complete without a Mickey's Clubhouse Pinata. It is always a hit! Hang Mickeyup and let the children take turns trying to break open the goodies. Older children can be blindfolded before their turn just make sure the other children are out of the way.

We supplied the children with Mickey Mouse favor sacks so they could scoop up the goodies and store them right away. We found this is helps to avoid conflict on whose treats are whose .


This game is fun and easy and the children love it! It is played like the classic game of “Simon Says”.

Let one of the children be “it” first. Or, you can be “it”. “It” gives a command, beginning with “Mickeysays...” such as “Mickeysays touch your nose.”

The rest of the children then follow the command and touch their nose. Then another command is given. If the command is not started by “Mickeysays...” then the children are not to follow the command. If anyone does, they are out and are out.

The game ends when only one person is not out or when time has run out, whichever happens first.


“Doggy, Doggy, Where's the Bone?” is a great classic children's game and Mickey and his clubhouse friends have their own version.

One child is designated as Pluto and will sit in chair in front of the others with his or her back turned to them. Place a “bone” under the chair.

You can purchase a real dog bone, make one using our homemade dog bone instructions or just use a pretend object like a shoe.

Have one of the children steal the bone, very quietly. The child then hides the bone on his or herself.

The children (except the one who is playing Pluto) join together and chant, “Pluto, Pluto where's your bone? Somebody stole it from your home. Guess who-maybe you! Maybe monkey's from the zoo! Wake up Pluto and find your bone!”

Pluto then turns around and has three tries to guess who stole his bone. If he or she guesses correctly, he or she gets to be Pluto again. If not, the one who took the bone gets to be Pluto.

Continue the game until all or most of the children have had a chance to be Pluto.


Mickey Mouse party games

Who wants to be a mouse? All the children will want to with these fun mouse masks.

Let the children make Mickey Mouse masks out of black paper plates. Give every child a black paper plate.

Cut ears out of the extra plates and help them make two holes for eyes. Give each child a red pom-poms for a nose.

I placed small bowls of glue around the table and gave each child a large popsicle stick to dip into the glue for easy application but look what happened when I left a bottle of glue unattended as I turned to grab the camera. Little ones are quick!

Glue or tape a popsicle stick to each so the children can hold their masks over their faces. The children loved that part. Write each child's name on his or her creation and let them take their mask home as a reminder of the Meeska-Mooska-Mickey Mouse fun time they had at the party.

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