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Kids of all ages will go bananas over this Mod Monkey theme birthday party. Whether your party is a first birthday, for a tween or any age in between, this little monkey fits all.

With our creative and fun ideas along with step by step instructions, we will guide you along in your Mod Monkey party planning so you can enjoy making memories without going nuts.


Get in the swing of things and bring your Mod Monkey party to life with our great decorating ideas and instructions.

The colors for this party are bright yellow and turquoise blue. There are tons of fun ways to incorporate the cheery colors so use them wherever you can.

Balloons are a must! You can mix Mod Monkey Mylar balloons with yellow and turquoise solid latex ones. Tie some contrasting yellow and turquoise curling ribbons to them and place them everywhere from the front door to the chairs and even hang them from the ceiling. Children love balloons so you can never have too many. You can give each of the children one to take home when the party is over.

Welcome your guests with a personalized banner like this one available through Birthday Express.

The kids will go bananas over these giant wall decorations. Simply peel and stick and they are reusable too. Includes 1 large monkey face, 2 smaller monkey faces, 16 blue and yellow dots and a light switch cover.

How fun to go all out and add this palm tree or two to the celebration! Shindigz has inflatable palm trees and standees too. They make great decorations and can serve as game props for game time.

There will be plenty of monkey business going on so why no hang bananas around for hungry monkeys to munch on? You can place them in bunches on tables too.

Mod Monkey table decorating is so fun and festive, you will want to do more than one. I like to do separate ones for the cake, beverages, gifts and snacks. In fact, we have so many table decorating ideas for the Mod Monkey theme, we have an entire section devoted to it. Click here to see table decoration ideas.

If your gonna have a party, you simply have to have a pinata. They are always a hit! A pinata makes a great decoration and a fun game to play later in the party. This cute little monkey pinata is available through Birthday Express and has a pull string option for younger children.

These hanging monkey link arms and can be hung from the ceiling or strung along the wall. They can also be used for game time.

If your child has monkey toys, sit them around for decoration and for guests to play with. Sock monkeys, stuffed monkeys, monkey books... anything monkey goes. Check out this snugly monkey blanket, perfect for the occasion.

I love this idea. Tack this personalized monkey signature mat on the wall and let the children sign it. If the children are too young to write, they can scribble or draw and the parents can sign for them. It makes a great keepsake and even comes with a frame.

Another cool idea is to let your little one color this Mod Monkey color poster before the party and put it on the wall for a custom touch. It is fun for the birthday child and gives him or her something to do while you are busy decorating. There are six to a package so order two and let the guests join in the fun during arts and craft time.

Imagine the fun the kids will have with this Mod Monkey gum ball machine. They are so inexpensive you can purchase several and set them on tables or even buy one per guest and place them all around and give them away when the party is over.

Another favorite of mine is this monkey bubble machine we found at Shindigz. Kids love bubbles so it not only will serve as a fun decoration but as entertainment as well.

Now that we have got your wheels turning, you can have a barrel of monkeys decorating for the party. Just remember to have fun and let your birthday child help whenever you can.

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