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pirate birthday party ideas

So yer gonna have a pirate birthday party, are ye?

Well, we have sailed the s’ven seas to find the best idears fer ya. We have yer shwashbucklin games, yer cake, yer morsels and ever’thing else yer gonna need…right here, aye? C’mon, yer burning daylight!

We’ve got a treasure chest of pirate party ideas waitin’ fer ya!

Kim just did this pirate birthday party and it was a hit. Many of the kids said it was the best party they had ever been too and they go to a lot of parties!

The treasure hunt was the highlight, but the treasure chest cake was a close second. The candy on the cake was all the kids cared about and not the cake! Check out the party below.


pirate birthday party ideas

Pirate supplies are plentiful and we've searched to find you the best deal. There are lots of pirate themed decorations. There are the very scary, all the way to toddler pirates. If you have not decided which type of pirate theme try Searching here.

If you just want a one stop shop try Pirate Birthday Box. They have different size kits you can choose from and the entire set is put together for you. This is also the least scary pirate birthday party themed sets as pictured above.

pirate birthday party ideas

If you already know you want Pirates of the Carribbean this is the site with the most themed decorations.

This store is also great one for Pirates of the Caribbean.

pirate birthday party ideas

This package is for older boys and comes with a treasure chest.

pirate birthday party ideas

Is your little girl into pirates?

Check out the pink pirate party decorations.


pirate birthday party ideas

All aboard to sail the seven seas. If yer gonna have a pirate birthday party ye gotta batten down the hatches and look like yer havin’ a pirate birthday party. Walk the plank with us and see what a real shipshape pirate birthday party looks like. Aye?

X marks the spot. A sign or banner in the front yard will let the buckaroos know exactly where the pirate birthday party is. Ye don’t want them at the wrong ship, now do ye? Ye can even hoist a pirate flag or two in the yard and hang a door banner on the front door. The neighbors will surely shiver the’r timbers!

Yo-ho-ho...it's time to go! Enter at yer own risk. Lay a board leading down the hall or entry way for the buckos to walk across. You can even use squares of brown construction paper glued together or even cut cardboard pieces from boxes to resemble a board if you’d rather.

Enter at yer own risk! Fix up the main pirate birthday party room with a mix and match of these seaworthy suggestions.

pirate birthday party ideas Twist color coordinating crate paper and drape from the corners of the room and hang some Pirate Ship Mylar Balloons from the ceiling. Ye can use helium or regular balloons in the colors of your choice like red and black or black and gold. Or go all out with pirate balloons. Ye can even use both! A personalized pirate party banner hung on the wall will welcome your crew. pirate birthday party ideas

Pirate props are a must! No pirate birthday party is complete without a treasure chest. Make your own treasure chest or check these out. This treasure chest makes eh great center piece. Fill with gold coins and whatever costume jewelry you have on hand, candy that you can pick up at a dollar or thrift store. This was the biggest hit at our pirate birthday party-the candy!

A light up talking pirate head makes a great conversation piece and can be sat on the food table or even on a coffee or end table.

Hang a Skull & Bones Pinata from the ceiling for a decoration now and a game to play later. Purchase pre-filled or fill with your own selections like skull and crossbones candy, pirate gummy candy and pirate suckers. There are so many to choose from you may want to have more than one.

Tables make great displays for pirate decorations. Make a snack table, a cake and a drink table, and even a gift table if you would like. Spread a pirate themed tablecloth atop and decorate with old colored bottles (or new ones that are made to look old with a little added dust). Root beer bottles work well too. You can even purchase pirate bottles.

Scatter beads and gold coins about. Surprisingly even the boys wanted to take beads home at our pirate birthday party. Set treasure maps around on each table.

Our snack section and cake and beverage sections include ideas on arranging the food and drinks and other suggestions on table settings such as napkins, cups, and plates. Don’t forget a pirate centerpiece to complete yer cap’n’s table

pirate birthday party ideas Pirate steins and mugs can be sat around with grapes or colorful beads streaming out. Bandannas, eye patches and pirate flags can be placed around too.

Decorate yer galleon with treasures from the deep. Swag a fishnet from the ceiling t hold a day’s catch of starfish, sea shells, old bottles and what have ye.

Remember me hearties, it is yer ship, ye are the cap’n. Decorate as ye please and the young mateys will love it. Don’t forget to let the pirate birthday party buckaroo pitch in too. Ye might be surprised how creative the young bucko can be.


pirate birthday party ideas

Arrrr matey, ye can’t have a great pirate birthday party if nobody knows about it. Now can ye?

Avast! Get on the hornpipe, send a message in a bottle. Spread the news however ye can. It’s a pirate birthday party for a bucharoo’s birthday! Now that’s something to shout about, aye?

First, the mateys will need to know who and what, then when and where. Ye will need to decide how you want to spread the word.

pirate birthday party ideas For the Pirate Invitations that are on the right click here. For those who prefer, there are oceans of great premade invitations that don’t cost a king’s ransom. Ye can also custom order invitations that are filled out for ye.

Click on the picture to go to that invitation.

Skeleton Pirate Postcard Invitations (8 count)Buried Treasure Postcard Invitations (8 count)Pirate Party Invitations (8 count)

Pirates of the Caribbean Invitations (8 count)


If ye are brave at heart and want to make yer own, we have the motherload or homemade pirate invitations right here. pirate birthday party ideas To make it even more fun, add pirate confetti inside each invitation and decorate the envelopes with stamps or stickers. Ye can even address the invites using pirate font.

Before you start walking the plank and get all addled, remember ye are the cap’n of the ship. The buckos will love the pirate birthday party, ye jest need to spread the word however ye see fit. Relax and have fun!

pirate birthday party ideas

Printable Pirate Invitation


pirate birthday party ideas

Our pirate treasure cake, made the party. It was such a hit. Find out how to do this cake and two others right here.


pirate birthday party ideas Yer guests will be wantin’ some grubb on board, so ya better get some tasty morsels ready fer em.

Arrr. Anyone fer peg-legs? Chicken, that is! Prepare breaded chicken leg shaped chicken tenders according to directions and serve in a treasure chest. A gold bowl is perfect fer the dippin’s.... read on to find all our snack and beverage ideas.


pirate birthday party ideas

Roll out the barrel! Yer mateys are sure to werk up a thrist with all tha fun they be havin’ at yer pirate birthday party. We have yer grog pirate’s punch recipes that’ll shiver the’r timbers. Arrrr!

Display yer drinks like ye would fer the Captain’s table. Yer punch can be served up in creative containers. Use a fish bowl for the parrot punch and perch a parrot beside it. Serve ye blood punch in a bucket. Ye can place a bloody hand nearby as a reminder of what happens when ye break the pirate rules.

Use yer nautical noggin and make ye a proud pirate’s beverage table. Scatter old bottles around the table and don’t forget a bottle of rum. Pirate eye patches can go around bottles or solid colored cups. Avast, there are tons of pirate decorations that wont cost a lot of urchins.

Don’t be a bilge rat, bring out the grog in style and have a barrel of fun as ye do it!


pirate birthday party ideas The treasure hunt is what made this party and the kids talked about if for months. Find the treasure hunt and much more here.


1. Cut a strip of cardboard 2.5 inches wide and long enough to go around your head.

2.Measure the strip of cardboard around your head. Let the ends overlap and stick them together with masking tape.

3. Draw a skull and crossbones on white cardboard. Give it black eyes and teeth. Cut it out and stick on a half of a circle of black cardboard.

4. Glue the black cardboard onto the black headband.


pirate birthday party ideas

Ye’ll want to share the pirate’s plunder with the matey’s as they unboard.

Ye can also choose to pass it out as they come aboard the party if ye would like to especially if yer giving pirate attire and accessories that might come in handy for the seadogs to have on their voyage.

Ye have tons of treasures to pick from when considering pirate party favors. Th’r are eye patches, pirate swords (inflatable ones too), pirate figurines, rings, bracelets and gold medallions. Th’r are bandanas, sashes, hook hands, spyglasses, temporary tattoos and pirate stickers too. Pirate bounce balls are fun to add. Pirate candy is available in chocolate coins and gummy skulls and suckers and don’t forget the gold tooth.

Check out preassembled party treats too. They usually include a favor bag or box and can be more economical as well so ye don’t have to spend a pirate’s plunder.

Ye can fill an empty treasure box with the treats. Kim did this and the kids loved it. Purchase online or make yer own. Ye can also find a wide assortment of pirate favor bags online or ye can decorate yer own bag.

Pirate party hats can be turned upside down and stuffed with goodies or ye can even use a pirate mug or stein to put treats in. Pirate booty bags are available online as well. If yer plunder is very large, black pillow cases can be used or individual cloth bags made from a black sheet and tied with a piece of white rope. Ye may can find pillowcases and sheets at a dollar store or thrift shop.

A pirate t-shirt is a gift that keeps on giving. They are even available in pink for the girls.

It would take a month at sea to go over all the pirate party favor ideas so check out these fine sites and see the treats for yerself, matey. Aye?

Ye might like to check into a preassembled array of pirate treasures from online suppliers such as the ones below.

Pirate Party Favor Kit

Pirates Favor Box

Pink Skull Favor Purse


Girl High Seas Buccaneer Toddler Costume
Avast ye old scallywags! If yer going out to sea, ye gotta look like yer going out to sea.

Set the mood for yer pirate party with pirate costumes. Yer birthday buckaroo will be absolutely swashbuckling in his seaworthy attire and ye can request the guests come in costume or even provide them yerself in a pirate party tote gift pack ye hand out as the mateys arrive.

Join the fun yerself with an adult pirate costume. If yer not up for the entire attire, consider a pirate wig or adult pirate accessories.

The pirate birthday party bucko’s baby brother or sister won’t be left ashore when decked out in pirate tot attire.

Don’t forget the old sea dog himself. The family pooch will be ready for the poop deck as it sails for the barque dawned in his pawsitively adorable pirate pet attire.

Of course ye can make yer own pirate hats and eyepatches yourself. Ye can even let the mateys make th’r own during craft time at the party.

With our costume connections and your own creative touches, ye will be ready for smooth sailing with yer mostly crew.

Scary Pirate Boy Costume - Pirate Costumes for Boys

Pirate - size L

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