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princess cake

Sugar and spice and everything nice,
that’s what little girls are made of. And… our princess birthday cake is too! This birthday, give your little princess a cake as sweet as she.

You have several options for a cake: order one at a bakery, pick one up at the grocery store, make your own using a shaped cake pan, bake a cake and use a Tiara Princess Birthday Cake Toppers or a Disney princess molded candles. or build your own totally from scratch. There are also edible decals you can simply place on top of the cake.cake art kits.

If you order a cake, be sure to call ahead of time and allow plenty of time to pick it up when it is ready. Being too rushed has caused many caketastrophies. Some bakeries and boutiques offer delivery for a nominal fee.

If you opt to make your own, you can do so by using a shaped cake pan. We have lots of Princess Birthday Party theme cake pans for you to choose from.

You can make your own batter, use our basic yellow cake mix recipeor purchase your favorite store bought brand. Of course you can also use your own personal recipe.

princess cakeFor the creative and courageous, try your hand at building your own homemade princess birthday cake. Since we have tested them out ourselves, we have made the instructions fun and easy and there are several to choose from.

Not so brave or pressed for time? Cake toppers are cute and simple, just place on top of a cooled and frosted cake. Or, you can arrange princess figurines on the cake then sprinkle with pink or pastel colored sugar crystals. Princess sugar shapes are a great option and they’re tasty as well.

The cake pans below are an easy option as well. Just click on a pan to go to that pan.

Princess Mini Molded Cake Candles or the Pink Princess Candles are hot! These are sure to put a glow on the faces of all.

The most difficult thing you have to do now is to choose one out of our fantastic selection of ideas. No matter which one you decide upon, it will be absolutely awesome because our cakes can’t be beat.

Princess Crown Cake Pan

Castle Cake Pan

Strawberry Shortcake Princess Slipper Placeholders (4 count)


princess cakeIt’s high noon and her majesty’s tea cakes are served. You won’t believe all the cupcake kits and accessories available for Princess themes!

Use your favorite store bought cake mix or try our cupcake mix recipe. Line the cupcake tins with Princess theme liners or solid pink, pastel or metallic silver. Fill 2/3 full.

When baked and cooled according to directions, frost. We have great frosting recipes or you can use your own or even a store bought one. A Disney princess icing kit is available that exactly matches the Disney Princess Birthday Party accessories.

Now for the fun part, the decorating. Use edible Princess theme cupcake toppers available in a multitude of awesome options. If you prefer, place a figurine like this on the cake.

Cupcake Party Favor Figurine
Don’t forget the sprinkles!

My favorite quick fix is this Princess Claymation that can dress up a cake in no time.
princess cake

If you are taking your cupcakes to another location, consider purchasing a cupcake caddy.princess cakethat you can use for years to come.

Display is everything. You can place the cupcakes on a silver tray or solid pink, purple or pastel plastic plates which are very inexpensive yet romantic.

Disney's Princess cupcake holders Disney Princess cupcake holders make a great statement. Once you have arranged the cupcakes, scatter Disney Princess Confettiprincess cakeabout or you can even use sweet tarts or any pastel candy. Another idea is to spread some silver foil shredded gift wrap filler around the plate.

Have a great time with your little princess making elegant tea cakes for her and her royal guests.

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