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Every little girl dreams of a princess birthday party. Maybe that’s why our Princess Party is so popular.

Give your little one a party fit for a queen. We will guide you through the pomp and circumstance with step-by-step instructions and plenty of ideas and suggestions to spark your own creativity.

With a little magic from Amazing-Kids-Birthday-Parties, your little royal highness and all her noble guests are sure to have a ball.

There are many different princess birthday party themes and it can be overwhelming. We picked the most popular and widest variety of themes to help your little princess decide on a theme.

Fairy Tale princess party

Disney, Brats, Fancy Nancy, Barbie, Little Mermaid, Ballerina, Fashionista and Yummi Land

Princess Kit-N-Caboddle

Birthday Princess

Disney, Little Mermaid and Cinderella

Disney Princess Party Ultimate Package

1st Birthday Princess

Pink Princess Party


Magically transform your home into a princess’ palace. With a bit of stardust and a little help from us, your home will be as enchanting as a page out of a fairytale book.

The outside of your house will be the first thing that is seen, so let’s start there. Yard signs, banners, even door covers are great. How about a life size princess to greet your guests?

Imagine the faces of the little prince and princesses when they see a full size decorate-your-own throne. And it’s a definite Kodak moment when they line up for pictures with a princess birthday party photo opportunity banner.

Royalty is always welcomed by way of a red carpet. If you don’t already have one or can’t find an inexpensive one, make one out of red construction paper, taped together or buy several yards of cheap red fabric to spread out.

Though the entire house can be decorated, designate a certain room or two to be the center of attraction. Set the tone with color schemes of pinks, purples, silver, white and pastels. Red can be used too especially if your theme is Strawberry Shortcake Princess or some of the other brighter Princess themes.

Even if your Princess Birthday Party is held during the day, you can dim the lighting for effect. Dangle metallic foil fringe curtains or cascade Princess Party Fringe from the doorways leading to the ballroom. A full size fringed princess picture curtain is great fun as well.

Dazzle them with all the pomp and circumstance of a proper palace Princess Birthday Party when you add mirror balls hanging from the ceiling and an ultra-elegant silver or gold metallic mylar strand chandelier.

For an inexpensive yet glamorous touch, purchase tulle netting or organza in the colors you have chosen. Lightly wrap around white indoor Christmas lights. Drape around the room.

Fiber optics, glow lights, even black light bulbs add a fairytale touch. Tinsel works wonderfully as well. This is a great time to go through the attic or hit a yard sale or thrift store.

Decorate tables. Use as many as you would like: one for food and snacks, one for the cake, one for gifts, one for beverages or you can combine on a larger table or two tables pushed together if you would rather.

Princess theme wall decorations can be placed on however many doors you wish. Roll out wall coverings transform your room into a storybook setting straight out of a fairytale. Individual princess stick on wall cutouts come in an array of Princes themes and can be hung from the ceiling as well.

Fill the room with princess balloons. Tie curling ribbons in coordinating colors to spiral down from them. Princess theme balloons are readily available in all the popular princess variations. Solids are also available in colors such as pink, white and silver. You can also purchase personalized balloons. Believe it or not, Birthday Express even has aDisney Princess singing Mylar balloon.

Bubbles add romance to the air, perfect for the palace ballroom. The royal guests will be enchanted watching bubbles flow from the Gazillion Bubble Machine that puts out 500 bubbles per minute.

Other decorations to hang from the ceiling include: metallic Disney princess danglers, magic wands and glass slippers. You can even make your own stars to hang.

Princess Pinatas double as decorations and entertainment. With so many to choose from in all the Princess themes, you may want to get several.

Now that we have sparked your imagination, you can work your magic. Don’t forget to include her majesty in the fun. Enjoy!


Hear ye, hear ye! The royal princess is having a birthday and all the kingdom is invited to celebrate in the castle.

You may want to narrow down the list a little unless you can fit the entire kingdom in your home, but you get the message. Once you have decided upon a Princess Birthday Party theme, you will want to send out invitations.

First, make a list. Decide if you want only to include your birthday child’s peers or relatives and family friends of all ages.

Where will the Princess Birthday Party be held? Having the Princess Birthday Party in your home is a great idea for several reasons. You can prepare the setting ahead of time and you don’t have to worry with toting the cake, decorations, and food. It is also a good idea in case the weather turns rainy, cold or even too hot.

We have a ton of fun games and activities to help you out. You may also want to consider importing amusement to your home such as the Walt Disney Princess Castle. Castle bounce houses can be found in many areas.

The park or an amusement facility is another alternative. Some give group rates for parties and even supply a cake or decorations in addition to the entertainment. Be sure to plan ahead of time and make reservations several weeks to a month in advance. Confirm the reservations as well. Fairy Princess 1st Birthday Invitations (8)

When will the Princess Birthday Party be? Make sure to state the day and date on the invitation. Include the starting and ending time.

Think of any special instructions such as “dress in pink, please” or “pajama Princess Birthday Party ”. If you want to have a good idea how many guests will attend, you can add “RSVP”.

Now you are ready to choose which kind of Princess Birthday Party invitation you want to use. we have lots to choose from or you can opt for custom made or personalized invitations as well. VistaPrint even offers photo invitations.

For the do-it-yourselfers, we have several homemade Princess Birthday Party invitation downloads to pick from and free downloads to go with them.

Once you have the invitations completed, addressed and ready to mail, put the final touches on the envelopes with princess stamps and stickers. You can sprinkle confetti inside the envelope or even stardust. Shindigz offers Confetti-filled castle invitations.Invitation/Thank-You Postcard - Strawberry Shortcake Princess A picture of the birthday girl in a tiara or try a tiara and wand set. A princess costume is perfect for the picture on the stamp but if you don’t like the thought of your child’s picture being sent out, consider a photo of the family dog or cat in a Princess Party pet costume.

Mail the invitations out at least one week in advance.

Congratulations, you have a royal start to an enchanting Princess Birthday Party.


Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. And… our cakes are too! This birthday, give your little princess a cake as sweet as she.

You have several options for a cake: order one at a bakery, pick one up at the grocery store, make your own using a shaped cake pan, bake a cake and use a Tiara Princess Cake Toppers or a Disney princess molded candles. or build your own totally from scratch. There are also cake art kits.

If you order one, be sure to call ahead of time and allow plenty of time to pick it up when it is ready. Being too rushed has caused many caketastrophies. Some bakeries and boutiques offer delivery for a nominal fee.

If you opt to make yours using a shaped cake pan, we have lots of Princess Birthday Party theme cake pans for you to choose from.

You can make your own batter our basic yellow cake mix recipe or purchase your favorite store bought brand. Of course you can also use your own personal recipe.

For the creative and courageous, try your hand at building your own homemade princess cake. Since we have tested them out ourselves, we have made the instructions fun and easy and there are several to choose from.

Not so brave or pressed for time? Cake toppers are cute and simple, just place on top of a cooled and frosted cake. Or, you can arrange princess figurines on the cake then sprinkle with pink or pastel colored sugar crystals. Princess sugar shapes are a great option and they’re tasty as well.

The cake pans below are an easy option as well. Just click on a pan to go to that pan.

Princess Mini Molded Cake Candles or the Pink Princess Candles are hot! These are sure to put a glow on the faces of all.

The most difficult thing you have to do now is to choose one out of our fantastic selection of ideas. No matter which one you decide upon, it will be absolutely awesome because our cakes can’t be beat.

Princess Crown Cake Pan

Castle Cake Pan Strawberry Shortcake Princess Slipper Placeholders (4 count)


It’s high noon and her majesty’s tea cakes are served. You won’t believe all the cupcake kits and accessories available for Princess themes!

Use your favorite store bought cake mix or try our cupcake mix recipe. Line the cupcake tins with Princess theme liners or solid pink, pastel or metallic silver. Fill 2/3 full.

When baked and cooled according to directions, frost. We have great frosting recipes or you can use your own or even a store bought one. A Disney princess icing kit is available that exactly matches the Disney Princess Birthday Party accessories.

Now for the fun part, the decorating. Use edible Princess theme cupcake toppers available in a multitude of awesome options. If you prefer, place a Cupcake Party Favor Figurine on each instead. Don’t forget the sprinkles!

If you are taking your cupcakes to another location, consider purchasing a cupcake caddy. You can use it for years to come.

Display is everything. You can place the cupcakes on a silver tray or solid pink, purple or pastel plastic plates which are very inexpensive yet romantic.

Disney's Princess cupcake holders Disney Princess cupcake holders make a great statement. Once you have arranged the cupcakes, scatter Princess confetti about or you can even use sweet tarts or any pastel candy. Another idea is to spread some silver foil shredded gift wrap filler around the plate.

Have a great time with your little princess making elegant tea cakes for her and her royal guests.


We have all the little queen’s cuisine you’ll need to fill their royal tummies.

Depending on the time of day, you may want to serve a light meal.

Tea sandwiches are dainty and delicious. For finger sandwiches, cut the crust off, spread on the filling and slice into thirds. You can also cut into 4 squares or triangles. Tiny sliced loaves are also great to use. If you really want to impress the guests (and the princess as well), assemble the sandwiches then cut with princess shaped cookie cutters.

Fruits and veggies are always elegant served on a silver platter. If you don’t have a silver tray, line one with silver aluminum foil. Neatly arrange apples, oranges, banana and melon slices with grapes and cherries for a nice fruit tray.

A fruit dip can be placed in a small glass bowl and place in the middle. Baby carrots, sliced cucumbers, celery sticks and broccoli tops are great for the vegetables. Serve with our veggie dips. Remember to add some cubed cheese as well.

Try our pretty pink yogurt dipped pretzels made with strawberry yogurt. They’ll never know (or care) that they are good for them.

Disney Princess fruit snack packs by Nabisco come individually wrapped and can be scattered around the snack table to add a fun flair.

Check out our candy melt dipped peanut butter Ritz cracker recipe. Of course you’ll want to use pastel colors keeping with the Princess theme.

Princess Sunday cups are really cool. Fill with a pink sherbet or strawberry frozen yogurt.

Fill a pretty pink princess bowl with princess candy or any pink or pastel treat such as mini-marshmallows, pastel Reese Pieces or M&Ms.


Delight your little princess and her friends with enchanting princess cookies on a stick. Follow our cookies on a stick instructions using Princess theme cookie cutters.

Wrap them in pink saran wrap and tie with a tiny pink curly ribbon. You can also display your cookies in a basket. Add fairytale romance by using a pink basket and hot gluing princess accessories onto the basket.

Finish it off with a nice big pink bow.


Once upon a time a little princess helped the queen bake cookies for her fairytale Princess birthday party.The cookies were so good, they ate happily ever after.

Your royal guests will love these elegant and fun Princess theme cookies. Simply prepare our basic shaped cookie dough or use your own. Use princess cookie cutters to form design. There are so many to choose from you may want to use several. You can also use star and heart shaped cookie cutters or even a frog cookie cutter.

Bake the cookies as directed then cool. Frost in the colors of your choice. Pinks are perfect as are pastels and white. Disney Princess frosting coloring is available with colors that exactly match Disney Princess theme birthday supplies. Sprinkle on the magic fairy dust.

Another great idea is to frost cookies and top them with Princess theme sugar shapes or for older guests, place a non-edible Princess Birthday Party favor, like Princess jewelry and accessories, on each.

Present your treasures to the princess and her royal guests in an attractive and creative way. Fill a pink or pastel colored basket with the yummies. A cookie sheet lined with colored foil or gift wrap works well to display them as well.

For an exquisite “thank-you for coming” farewell treat, wrap individual cookies in saran wrap and tie with a tiny curled curling ribbon. Pass out as the guests leave.


Your little princess and her royal guests await snacks in the tea room.

For the tiny tasters, bite size tea sandwiches are a good idea. Arrange them separately on a pink platter or silver tray.

Yogurt bites are tasty and safe for the little ones. They come in blueberry, mixed berry and strawberry flavors. Pour into a pink plastic princess bowl for a perfect presentation.

Gerber Puffs are great as well and come in all sorts of fruit and vegetable varieties. Junior crackers and toddler toast make for nice nibbling for pint size prince and princesses.

Fruit and veggie trays make a delicious and nutritious snack for all ages. Banana, apple, orange and melon slices are especially good for the youngsters.

Cheese trays are also easy for little guests to chew. Cheese can cut into small cubes and arranged on a decorative platter.

To keep toddler food separate, you can make a special designated spot on the table for it. You can also make up some snack sacks to give out at snack time with toddler foods mentioned above, wrapped cheese sticks and a banana or fruit slices in a baggie.

Decorate pink sacks with Princess theme stickers or personalized Princess First Birthday stickers or bag tags. You can also go with the ready make Princess First Birthday party favor bags.

Finger Jello is toddler friendly as well. Cut into shapes with Princess theme cookie cutters. You can also use green jello and cut into frog shapes.

Princess First Birthday paper plates are available to serve the goodies on and don’t forget the bibs for the royal highness birthday princess as well as her tiny guests.


It’s tea time at the palace and her majesty is thirsty!

Juices are great for every age range. Pink lemonade is a festive option for keeping with the pink theme. More punch and drink recipes as well as decoration and serving ideas are available in the general princess theme beverage section.

You can use Princess star shaped ice trays for fun ice cubes.

For the little ones, small juice boxes are convenient and fun for the little ones. Adorable sippy cups in Princess First birthday are available and make great Princess Birthday Party favor take home treats as well.

Pink lemonade, raspberry ginger ale, cranberry juice, and passion fruit drinks all are great drink suggestions. You can even serve strawberry milk. We have some fantastic pink punch ideas as well.

Princess theme paper cups are cute and convenient or you can opt for a solid pink or pastel. There are also princess goblets if you want to make the event elegant. Impress the guests with a flowing drink fountain.

Princess coolers are hot! Use them for icing down boxed or canned drinks like berry juicy-juice.

Sunday serving dishes are excellent for princess smoothies.

Don’t forget the tea! Teas are available in a wide variety of luscious flavors and can be served in royal style in a tea set. There is even a Pink Princess Tea Parties cook book to help you along.

Make the beverage table special with a Princess theme table cover.

Remember, the princess MUST have her tea so make it a full cup.



· 8 bananas, peeled

· 16-20 strawberries

· 1 ½-2 cups apple juice

Place ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Makes about 8 children’s size servings.


1 1/2 cups Sliced fresh or frozen strawberries

1 1/2 cups Pineapple juice

1/2 cup Orange juice, preferably freshly squeezed

1 Banana

1/2 cup Plain nonfat yogurt or vanilla low-fat frozen yogurt

1/2 cup Crushed ice

2 tbsp Sugar or honey

Combine all ingredients and blend in blender until smooth. Makes about 8 children’s size servings.


· 8 bananas

· 8 peaches

· 8 tangerines

· 1 ½ cups orange juice

Place ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Makes about 8 children’s size servings.


Have a royal ball!

Spark some magic in the Princess Birthday Party with Princes games. We have some charming Princess theme games below and more games can be found in our all-around game section.


Help your royal guests get to know each other better. Choose from games below and others from our general icebreaker section according to the age of the children and location of the Princess Birthday Party. Some are best indoors while others work better outside.


Choose a guest to be “the princess” and give them a princess handbag full of princess accessories.

You can purchase the purse and princess items online or use what you have from around the house such as fake pearls and a ring. A tiara and magic wand can be created using instructions from our homemade craft section and also can be purchased online.

The princess then faces the party guests. She is allowed to turn around and pick one thing out of the purse that the others cannot see. Then, she is to describe it and let the rest of the group guess what it is. Whoever guesses correctly is then “the princess”.


Have the royal guests sit in a circle. Start the game out by saying part of a sentence like: If I were a princess, I would… Have the children take turns filling in the rest of the sentence. This icebreaker is so fun, you may want to do several partial sentences. “If I were a princess, my friends would…”, is another starter. This game is a fun way for the children to get to know one another and of course, if there are boys present, just change “princess” to “prince”.


Purchase or make a magic wand. Have the children sit in a circle. One will start the game by holding the magic wand and naming three wishes. Then they pass the magic wand to the person next to them who will also name three wishes. The game continues until every child has had their turn.


Have the children sit in a circle and go around the room finishing this sentence, “I feel like a princess when…”. One child may feel like a princess when her hair is fixed pretty while another one may when she attends a Princess Birthday Party. It is fun for the children to learn about themselves and others.


The princess is looking or her tiara! Make an obstacle course for the children to go through in order to help the princess find it. Use boxes for them to crawl through, pillows to go over, stacks of books to go around, and whatever else you can find that is safe and fun.

Place a tiara at the end of the course. The first child to it wears it until the next one comes through. Everyone wins once the last child makes it through. The object of the game is to be a team and just to have fun.


This game is like “hot potato” except a glass slipper is substituted for a potato. Sit the children in a circle and set a timer. Have them toss around the glass slipper until the clock strikes midnight (when the timer goes off).

The child holding the slipper or the last one to touch it when the timer goes off is “out”. Play until there is only one left who is then declared the winner, but in keeping with our philosophy that “everyone is a winner”, it is a good idea to reward every player.

If you are giving out prizes, Cinderella glass slipper chalk is a perfect idea.


Fill a white or pink tub, trash can or plastic container with pink golf balls. Count them as you put them in (preferably before the Princess Birthday Party) and write the amount down on a notepad that you put out of site. Have the children guess how many balls are in the bucket. The one that guesses correctly or is the closest to it is the winner. As always though, everyone is a winner.

*The balls can be used for other games as well such as some of the ones listed below.


The princess has met Prince Charming and is getting married. She has requested that all of the kingdom bring as many diamonds as they can to her so she can chose one.

Divide the children into two teams. Place pink golf balls in a container. At the count of three, team one will hop on one leg to the container and gather as many balls as they can without using their hands.

While gathering they can stand on two feet but must hop to the balls as well as back. If a ball drops, it cannot be counted. Count the number of balls the team has collected and put them back in the container for team two to retrieve. The team that collects the most wins.


Divide the children into couples. If there is an odd number, that’s when the Queen (you) gets to play. If there are princes in the group, they automatically pair up with a girl and get to be “the artist”.

For couples that are both girls, they get to draw out of the hat (or glass slipper) to see who is the artist and who is the princess. Once that is decided, let them draw to see what order they will go in.

With that done, drape a sheet over the princess and have her sit on a chair. Her artist will hide behind her and the sheet with only his arms showing. The princess’ arms do not show. The child who is the artist will have a container of supplies that the other children cannot see.

Supplies include: lipstick, blush, a hairbrush, a washrag, toothbrush and toothpaste (needless to say, you will need a new toothbrush for every princess) and whatever else you want to put in. The s/he will proceed to apply the products, one by one, on the princess (s/he can’t see her face and his hands and arms are acting as her hands and arms).

The game can get quite funny so you will want to take pictures. This is a favorite in our family.


The frog is trying to get to the princess for the famous kiss that will turn him into a prince.

Have the children stand in a line. Choose one person to start. All other players then kneel on the ground and rest their heads on the ground, covered by their hands.

The chosen starting player will place his or her hands on the back of the person at the back of the line. He or she must press on the person's back and leap over the person, spreading his or her legs apart and hopping like a frog. The player continues hopping until reaching the front of the line, then kneeling and covering his or her head.

The game continues indefinitely as the person at the back of the line is always the next to leapfrog over the other players. You can set a timer or play a song to end it if you want to.The point object of the game is to have fun and be silly.


Fill a large box with dress up clothes. You can use clothes from around the house or attic or purchase from a yard sale or thrift store. Hats, high heel shoes and nylons are great too. In a smaller box, fill with cosmetics, child nail polish and hair accessories.

Have the children stand in a line.

One by one, each child is blindfolded then led to the two boxes where s/he will proceed to dress up. Once again, the object of the game is just to laugh and have fun.


No birthday Princess Birthday Party is complete without a version of “pin the tail on the donkey”. Of course a princess prefers to pin a crown on. Disney Princess Party Game will be a big hit.


The little birthday princess and her royal guests would like to be entertained at the Princess Birthday Party. So how do you entertain toddler royalty?


Build a castle or palace from a large box. Use markers, paints, glitter and shimmering paint pens to sparkle it up. Cut a front door and several windows and let the children play inside with stuffed animals, dolls and even a plush princess chair. Play peek-a-boo with them through the openings for even more fun.


Fill pink, white or pastel baskets or buckets with balls, stuffed toys (a stuffed prince frog is perfect), bath toys, books and blocks. Set one in front of each of the small children and watch them play. They will dump the toys out and fill them up again. The ritual is great fun for babies and entertaining for adults to watch as well. Let the children take them home when the Princess Birthday Party is over.

*You can decorate the containers with Princess First Birthday Party theme stickers and don’t forget, you can even get personalized stickers.


Use white, pink or pastel colored lunch sacks to make your own Princess Birthday Party favor sacks. Razzle-dazzle them by gluing on shiney sequins, jewels and practically anything that sparkles.

You can use a glittery paint pen to make squiggles or even write out the names each royal guest on their sack. Glitter can also be glued straight on and comes in all sorts of colors and sizes.

For the icing on the cake, use a hot glue gun to glue on a bow made out of satin ribbon or lace or make tow slits in the front of the sack and lace a ribbon through then tie in a bow.Another idea is to hot glue a tiara on each sack or even a magic wand.

Princess stickers can be applied to the sacks. Personalized Princess theme stickers are available as well. No matter what age your birthday princess is, she can help place stickers on.

Stamping is fun too. Princess stamps are available at most craft stores and online as well.

For the prince charmings in attendance, blue or white sacks are great and can be decorated with knights in shining armor or heraldry stickers and stamps.

Rather than hot gluing a tiara, a crown is a great option and can even be cut out of construction paper and painted with a gold metallic paint pen. A black bow tie can easily be made out of black ribbon and hot glued to the sack.

Use your imagination and have fun. Ask your little princess to contribute her own ideas, you may be amazed at how creative and original her highness can be. Enjoy!


Cut out a rectangle of fabric and lay wrong-side up so you see the back of the fabric.

For the top of the bag, fold in 1/2 inch on each shorter side and press with an iron. Then sew down the two flaps or if you prefer, you can use pinking shears to trim so you don’t have to hem it and it will give it a decorative effect as well. Another option is to sew or glue on lace which also omits the need to hem.

Fold bag in half, bright sides together. Sew top and bottom sides so that only the part you already sewed, glued or used pinking shears on is the only open side.

Flip bag right-side-out, fill with gifts, and tie with ribbon.

*Go as frilly as you want with netted, shimmery or metallic fabric. You can glue or sew on sequins or beads or may even want to paint with a glittery paint pen. Princess theme fabric is another great option.

Use your imagination and have fun. Ask your little princess to contribute her own ideas, you may be amazed at how creative and original her highness can be. Enjoy!


Your little princess will want to send her royal guests home with a piece of the palace.

You can give toddler-friendly treats to the younger ones such as princess fairytale books for babies, bubbles, large size crayons and princess coloring books, princess stickers, stuffed frogs, balls and bath toys.

Toddler snacks such as yogurt bites and fruit puffs can be distributed in zip lock baggies. Sippy cups, fun straws, and plush magic wands are fantastic ideas as well.

Place the gifts inside a Princess First birthday favor bag or make your own bag out of a pink paper sack and personalized Princess First birthday stickers.

Another great and convenient idea is this toddler Disney Princess toddler favor kit that comes complete with all you see here.

With all our ideas you are sure to send the pint- size prince and princesses home with a smile.


Share the magic. Send your royal guests home with Disney Princess Deluxe Favor Set they will treasure. You can even give the Princess Deluxe Favor Set out when the guests arrive if you want to supply them with princess frills to enjoy during the Princess Birthday Party. See our pre-party Princess gift bag section for great ideas.

A sparkling tiara is a must for every princess as is a magic wand. Princess stickers, theme balloons, princess jewelry, kid safe body glitter, princess gloves and glass slippers make delightful gifts. A pink princess stationary set goes perfect in a Princess Birthday Party bag. Bubbles, books, glittery play dough, crayons and a princess coloring book make wonderful additions.

Disney Princess Bubble Wand makes a great gift.

Princess Assorted Party Sweets adds a sweet surprise. Other candy ideas include sweet tarts candy necklaces, pink rock candy, sucker rings and any other pink or pastel candy.Disney Princess Lipgloss Necklace is also great fun.

The list in as endless as the fun the little ladies will have: Cinderella compacts, Disney Princess lip gloss necklaces, Barbie as the Island Princess hair bands, and so much more are all available.

Personalize your favors! Princess theme buttons, magnets, stickers and bag tags are available with your child’s name printed on them through Birthday in a Box.

Give a gift that keeps on giving. Check out our collection of Princess t-shirts.

Check out pre-filled Princess Birthday Party treat bags. Often they can save you time and money too. Birthday in a Box has excellent values on a great variety of Princess Birthday Party packs including Disney Princess, Pink Princess and Cinderella.

It may be a good idea to make separate gift bags for any boys that attend the Princess Birthday Party. You can substitute a crown for the tiara and make some other minor changes as well. Magic stones, frog toys and king rings are great fillers. Heraldry temporary tattoos make great prince favors as well. Check out Birthday in a Box’s knight set!

You can also make your own Princess Birthday Party favors. We have easy instructions so you and your princess can make them together.

It’s in the bag! Princess Disney Princess Favor Set come in all the popular variations: Disney Princess, Pink Princess, Cinderella Princess, Strawberry Shortcake Princess and Barbie Princess as the Island Princess. Or, go all out with a princess handbag or princess treasure chest. Pink or purple transparent bags with prismatic dots are fun and frilly to fill with fairytale favors.

You can make your own Disney Princess Mesh Bag with a little help from us. Pink lunch sacks can be decorated to sparkle and shine, make your own net drawstring bags or choose one of our many other fun and inexpensive ideas.

Whichever option you choose, the favors you pass out will be every bit as magical as the Princess Birthday Party, so go ahead…dazzle them.


Save money and have fun with your birthday princess at the same time by making your own Princess themed gifts to give as Princess Birthday Party favors.

Save money and have fun with your birthday princess at the same time by making your own Princess themed gifts to give as Princess Birthday Party favors.

Magic Wand

What’s a princess without a magic wand? Use a pencil, long stick or dowel rod to wrap foil (silver or colored), crepe paper or strips of fabric around. Glue on sequins, rhinestones, glitter and anything else you can find that sparkles. Cut a star out of cardboard and glue on some foil to completely cover it. Attach ribbon streamers which you can purchase at a craft or fabric store. Shades of pinks, purples, pastels or even silver and gold work perfectly.

Don’t be shy to fancy it up. Girls love glitz, especially princesses.

Princess Tiara

Adorn your birthday princess and her friends with a homemade tiara. Simply use pipe cleaner or star garland. Make a circle large enough to fit on her highness’ head. Use two if needed. Twist ends together.

Tie curling ribbon onto the halo and curl or use tiny fabric ribbon and let flow. Shades of pinks, purples or pastels are perfect for the occasion.

Add all the frills: shiny sequins, rhinestones, glitter and anything else you want that sparkles and shines. Your princess is now ready to meet up with her fairy godmother or maybe even Prince Charming.

* You can also use a headband. Wrap foil (colored or silver) around it and add ribbon and glitz as to the halo.


You don’t have to be a basket case figuring out this easy princess project. Weave got simple instructions for you.

Collect enough baskets for each of your royal guests of honor. These can be ones you have around the house, preferably similar sizes. You can also pick them up cheaply at a thrift shop or dollar store.

Paint them if you would like. Spray paint is easiest but craft paint works as well. Pink is perfect. White, red, or a pastel color make nice choices as well. Make them sparkle and shine by using a glitter paint or add it when the paint is dry. Don’t forget the magic fairy dust. Iridescent glitter is available in spray or sprinkles and adds that extra fairytale touch to the baskets.

Now you are ready to decorate the baskets. With a hot glue gun, add lace or a ruffle around the basket top. Tie a ribbon in a bow and glue it on where the two ends of the lace or ruffle ends. You can do all the baskets alike or vary them. This is a fantastic way to unload some sewing scraps you have had around the house.

You can glue flowers or princess accessories onto the basket.

Fill the baskets with colored tissue or shredded paper or foil, available in the gift wrap section of many variety stores or craft shops. You can even use Easter grass.

Place an assortment of Princess theme gifts in the basket, beginning with the largest placed at the back and the others neatly following.

The baskets will certainly put a twinkle in your little guest’s eyes and a smile on their faces and no doubt they will be used for years to come.


Barbie & Princess Costumes
Entertain your royal guests with these enchanting Princess theme activities.

Princess Balloon Kit can be lots of fun.


Jump start the fun in your Princess Birthday Party. This adorable origami (paper craft) frog is a prince in the making. Print out our frog instructions and pass out green paper to the children. Read the instructions to them aloud and show them as well.


Download and print out our Princess theme tiara pattern before the Princess Birthday Party begins. Cover a work area for the children and pass out supplies: pink or pastel paper (thicker works best), glue, glitter, glitter pens and stick-on jewels. You can also distribute princess stickers. If you have boys at the Princess Birthday Party, download and print out our crown pattern for them. Once the children have their supplies, you can help them begin making their own tiaras and crowns. Each child can wear them when dry and take them home as a Princess Birthday Party favor.


A castle will add tons of fun to your Princess theme Princess Birthday Party. Let them play in it when they are finished.


Wishes come true with a magic wand. Every princess must have one. Let each princess make her own. Kits are available like the one seen here, or use your own supplies that can be purchased online or at your favorite craft store.

If you opt to make your own, you will need foam stars, wooden sticks, glue, glitter or glitter pens, and markers or paint pens. You can also add jewels, sequins and even confetti. Colored foil tinsel can also be used to stream from the stars or wrap around the stick. Click here for great deals on these materials.

Have the girls decorate the stars and sticks and then glue together. The sky is the limit with this creative project and the guests can take their magic wands home when the Princess Birthday Party is over.

* Double sided glow in the dark stars are available. Order two for each guest so they can glow on both sides.* If there are princes I attendance, they can make a septer. Just use a circle or diamond shape piece of foam instead and include some blue glitter and paint.


Your Princess Birthday Party guests will have a royal blast creating princesses with this foam art kit. Purchase several and let them mix and match.It’s easy, just peel, stick and decorate. The kit comes with one base so you may want to purchase thick paper or colored cardboard pieces for them to stick their creations on to. This activity makes a great take home gift as well.


Keep the little majesty and her royal guests occupied and entertained with our Princess First Birthday activities.


Before the Princess Birthday Party, mix one package of Jello brand vanilla pudding with enough strawberry or cherry flavored Jello gelatin mix to turn it pink. You can use pistachio pudding for green too, especially if boys are to be at the Princess Birthday Party . In a covered craft area, let the little ones dip their hands in the mix then make a handprint on a white piece of paper (thicker is better). Print the child’s name on his or her creation (Princess Sarah, Prince Trevor, etc.) and let them stick on a few Princess First Birthday stickers. Let them take them home to “show and tell”.


Let the tots color a princess page in Crayola Color Wonder Disney Princess Coloring Book & Markers. Amazingly, the colors only show up on the coloring page. Adult supervision is still required, of course.

Princess Hat Kit


All little girls love to play dress up, so this birthday, why not dress your princess… like a princess? With so many princess costumes to choose from and at such great bargains, our suggested sites will make the process easy and painless on the pocketbook.

Whether her highness prefers Fairy Princess, Golden Princess, Barbie Princess or one of our many other Princess themes, she will be absolutely enchanting in costume. Don’t forget the royal accessories like a princess purse, gloves, wigs, a magic wand and of course, the tiara. No princess’ wardrobe is complete without the shoes, available in high-heel, jelly shoes and ballet slippers.

Join the fun! Adult costumes are also available. Rule the palace in style with a queen costume or grant birthday wishes while dressed as a fairy godmother. The children will love your involvement.

Don’t leave out the siblings. We have all sizes of princess costumes including infant, toddler, teen and adult. Brother will be charming in a prince costume. The family pet will be pawsitively pompous in princess pouch attire.

Even if the Princess Birthday Party guests don’t come in costume, you can supply them with magic wands, tiaras for the girls and crowns for the boys. These can be put into treat bags to be given out upon arrival if you wish. You can purchase princess items online or visit our homemade princess accessories site for details on how to make your own.

Imagination knows no boundaries. When planning and creating, think back to your own days of make believe and you will be well on your way to fantasy land. Make her birthday one to remember when years from now you both reminisce that “once upon a time, a lovely princess had the most wonderful birthday party in the entire kingdom.”

Find princess costumes at these stores:

Party Supply Outlet Store

Get your Costumes ON TIME with Same Day Shipping* from BuyCostumes.com.


Thank your royal guests by sending a Pink Princess Thank You Notes You can use fill-in-the-blank ones which are available in Princess first birthday themes or order custom personalized ones.

Another idea is to send a thank-you photo postcard with a picture of the princess at her Princess Birthday Party on it.

For a sweet appreciation gesture, thank you princess cookies can be passed out as the guests leave the princess birthday party.

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