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Yes that's us, way before SBI. That was a about 20 years ago and we were all about parties then as well. This was an anniversary party put on by CJ, which included a skit.


sbi When my niece, Kim, asked me to write for the new kid’s birthday party SBI site she was putting together, I was excited.

Not only do I live to write, I love to create parties. It runs in the family. My sister, Kim’s mother, is one of the best party planners I know.

We have coaches, teachers and even a vice-principal in the family and we throw the best kid’s parties! Oh and did we mention a professional chef allowing us to offer one of a kind recipes.

You will see pictures of my sisters cake creations on our SBI site as well as parties from other of our friends and family members. We would love to see pictures of your parties as well and hear your suggestions and ideas.

I have a grandson who is almost 18 months old. Already he has attended five kid’s birthday parties. Actually, he is at one as I write this! That really assures me what a wonderful service is this SBI site.

We help you relax and enjoy the moments so you don’t have to panic. And we all know that special moments are too precious to miss out on!

Our Adventures Online

Together Kim and I have embarked on a number of online adventures. Some were successful. Some were not.
To be honest, there have been a few endeavors Kim and I have had that were awesome sites. We had the right content, creatively put together (after many, many hours of figuring out how) and were ready to fly. We waited and waited and…waited. No one came! With site-sell there are no worries about traffic.

I love to create parties and write about them so you can create them too. Now, all I have to do is create and write.

On an even more personal note, my husband and I have recently relocated to a beautiful mountain town in southwestern Colorado to live by my two children (now grown) and my grandson.


I could not have made the move without site-sell. With Kim in Texas, we could not have continued a business together from such a distance if not for the wonders of internet technology and the assurance that with site-sell, our efforts will continue to prosper.

While I am busy being inspired by my eighteen-month-old grandson (refer to LEGO first birthday and his new favorite, Shrek), site-sell is busy working for me.

If you have ever dreamed of having your own business, an internet business just might be for you. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom looking to pick up a little extra cash, one of the many recently layed off employees in our country or simply are attracted by the thought of having the freedom to work from your home on your own schedule, Site-sell may be just what you are looking for.

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I am the mother one, a karate instructor, an adventure racer and an entrepreneur. I taught school for five years, have coached for 18 years and have had a number of successful businesses.

I have done my son's parties as well as some relatives. I cannot tell you the number of times I've been asked to do someone else's birthday party. I have done parties ranging from pirates, mad-scientist, army, Winnie the pooh, and Star Wars at least 5 times.

Now my Saturdays are devoted to racing, so I thought I can help out by telling about how to do a great party.

The Beginning


Being an avid adventure racer, I compete in some of the biggest and best races in the country.

That requires months of training for hours each day and time away for the actual race.

I will be gone for 14 days at at time for an expedition race. I need to work from home. You can see my team at Intrepid Racing Team. Yes, this is also a SBI site-builder site, as well as my third SBI site Ultimate MMA Equipment.

I have owned and operated a number of small internet businesses. My latest was Yahoo Stores.

I spent allot of time on eBay. Now I was successful on eBay, but it was very time consuming. One morning after CJ and I had spend about 50 hours uploading our inventory, eBay had shut our store down, without warning. I went from a nice income of close to $2000 month to nothing overnight.

I remember being so frustrated with the amount of time I was spending trying to make it work. I tried a yahoo store after eBay but wasn't getting any traffic.

Finding Success

I needed to work from home in order to live my dream which was to be a stay-at-home mom for my son and to be an elite adventure racer.

The race was on! I stumbled upon SiteSell and until finally I was inspired by a story from

Eliad on SBI site-sell.

A bit skeptical from having been burned before, I pursued the program. I was not disappointed.

sbi Thank you SBI. My son, my endurance racing team and my business partner thank you as well.

Live on the Edge. That has been my motto for years and now my young MMA site earns $1000 a month with me not touching it, while I have taken time away to build this site and my adventure racing site.

Update January 2009

My MMA site with only 35 pages brought in $2400 last month. I'll upload the next check to let you see!

Update May 2011:

I left this site for a while to build my MMA site and it has taken off.
I am ranked in the top 10 for almost all pages.
We added a store and income has doubled.
We are now rebuilding birthday, with a new look.

Traffic has already increased as well as adsense revenue.

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