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Notes from Kim: These Star Wars Games were such a huge hit at my son's Star Wars party. The kids talked about it for 2 years!

The younglings must attend the training academy in order to master the art of Jedi fighting. The begin as a Padawan. Class is in session.


The Grand Master Yoda used the Ataru form of lightsaber combat. It is one of the seven forms of lightsaber training used at the academy. Each Jedi must master this form in order to proceed.

(Note: Of course, every child who tries passes!)

Make a lightsaber before the Star Wars games by cutting a swimming noodle in half. Wrap the handle with electrical tape (fun colors like blue yellow and fluorescence are available). And yes the colors did matter to the children!

Inflate several Star Wars party balloons and have the children take turns trying to keep the balloons from hitting the ground by swatting them with the lightsaber.


Each Jedi trainee must pass through the gates of the slave camp to save the civilians. Then they must make it through the obstacles and reach the other side in order to escape. Along the way, they must rescue one civilian.

Create an obstacle course using chairs to go under or around, pillows to climb over, crates and baskets to go around, open boxes to crawl through, and anything else you can find that is safe and fun.

If the Star Wars games are outside, lawn furniture, a water hose, buckets and dirt piles are great. Play tunnels are excellent to use too.

Place a balloon somewhere in the maze to be the civilian who must be rescued. You may need to tie a small object to the balloon in order to weight it down.

Have the children take turns going through the obstacles. They must get the balloon (the civilian) and make it to the end of the course without popping it.


The younglings have successfully completed their quest to being a Jedi. Line the children up and congratulate them, one by one, with a lightsaber or Star Wars party favor. I recommend a light saber!


Ice breaker games are a great way for children at the Star Wars games portion to get to know one another.


Have the children form a circle. Each will then think of a Star Wars nick-name that begins with the same letter as their name, like “Commander Colby” or “Princess Maddy” or “Padawon Patrick”.

Then the group goes around in the circle taking turns introducing themselves (nick-name then name) and repeating each nick-name and name that has been said along the way. If one messes up, the while group starts over.


The younglings are ordered to report to Jedi Training. Today’s lesson is about building trust and following directions.

Build an obstacle course out of boxes, pillows, baskets, blankets and anything else you can round up that is safe. Mark the end of the obstacle course with a piece of electrical or masking tape. That is the finish line.

Pair the children in two’s. Have one child wear a blind fold. The child without the blind fold must verbally guide the blind folded one through the obstacle course with orders such as, “Turn right”, “There is a pillow in front of you, turn left.”

It is fun to watch the children work together for a common goal, to reach the finish line.


Divide the group into two teams. Give each team index cards with one Star Wars word written on each card. You can glue a picture of the card as well if you would like. That is especially helpful for younger children.

Ideas for words include: “CP30”, “the Empire”, and “Darth Vader”. Each team takes turns acting out the word on the card, without talking. Everyone in the group must participate in some way. The other team gets three guesses. Whether they guess it right or not it is then the next team’s turn to act. If they did not guess it, the answer is announced.


This game is listed in our All-around Games section but put a Star Wars games twist on it by asking questions such as: “Have you ever seen a Star Wars movie at the movie theater?”, “Have you ever been to the Jedi Training Academy at Disney World?” or “Have you ever been to another Star Wars birthday party?”.



In order for a padawan to become a Jedi, he (or she) must pass a series of tests. The lightsaber drill is one of the tests.

You will need to find a ring that fits loosely onto a lightsaber and every child will need a lightsaber. Inflatable ones are a good and inexpensive option.

Have the children form a line and give each one a lightsaber. Have the child at the end of the line hold out his lightsaber. Put a ring on it and have him pass it off from his or her lightsaber to the lightsaber of the child next to him. Keep the ring going down the line from one lightsaber to the next.


This game is played like “Duck, Duck, Goose”, Star Wars style. Instead of “Duck, Duck, Goose” it will be “Jedi, Jedi, Sith”.

Darth is trying to attack the Republic and the Jedis must keep him away.


Purchase a Darth Vader balloon and blow it up before the Star Wars games. Give each child an inflated lightsaber. Have the children stand in a line, an arms length from each other. Toss the balloon in the air and have them keep it from touching the ground but only by using their lightsabers. The catch is, they cannot move from where they are standing. Play Star Wars music, if you would like, and have the game last until the end of the song.


Darth is at it again…trying to oppress the galaxy and destroy the Galactic Empire. Put him in his place, the trash can!

Line up several trashcans of different sizes. Blue ones are great but any will do. Fill a black sock with beans or unpopped popcorn and tie in a knot to make a Darth Vader bean bag.

Have the children line up and take turns tossing Darth into the trash can. Each child gets three tries and gets one point every time they successfully get Darth in the trash.

Continue until every child has had a turn. Add up the points and see who has the most then you can have a face off with the winners. Don’t forget though that every child is always a winner.


Hundreds of Jedi’s in the Jedi Temple will be killed by clones if R2-D2 doesn’t get to them in time.

Divide the children group into pairs. Have each player stand next to his or her partner while you tie the partners’ inside legs together so each couple has three legs instead of four.

Mark the starting and finishing lines with black electrical or masking tape. On the count of “three” each pair races to the Jedi Temple (the finish line) to rescue the Jedis.


This game is played like “Hot Potato” except instead of a potato, a “Darth Vader” is tossed around. You can use a Darth Vader balloon or a black stuffed sock.

Play Star Wars music or set an egg timer and have the children sit in a circle and toss “Darth” around. The child that is holding Darth or was the last to touch him when the music or timer goes off is “out”.

Play until only one child is left. He or she is then the winner but of course, everyone is a winner.



Lay out bowls of star stickers, planet and moon shapes, markers, crayons, glitter, glitter pens and Star Wars stickers.

You can even include glow in the dark stars. Also set out several bottles of glue.

Give each child a piece of construction paper, blue or white, and let them create a Star Wars scene.


Shortly before the Star Wars games, make a batch of salt dough by combining 1 cup of salt, ½ cup of cornstarch and ¾ cups cold water.

Stir all the ingredients together over low heat, stirring constantly for 2-3 minutes or until thick.

Turn out onto waxed paper or aluminum foil and let cool. When cool, knead until smooth.

If the dough dries out before using, add some water.

Let the children shape into stars using star cookie cutters. Stick a paperclip through each for hanging. When they are dry, let them paint them using tempura paint and paint pens.

Glitter paint pens and glow in the dark paint pens are great too. Pass out stings for the children to hang their stars on when they are finished. This makes a nice keepsake to take home.


You will need one small glass jar with alid for every child. Leftover baby food jars work great. You will also need (for each child): Star Wars miniature figurines, white or silver glitter (chunky works great), plastic bottle cap, non-soluble glue, and distilled water.

Have each child glue a figurine onto the bottle cap which will serve as a stand. Glue the bottle cap to the inside center of the jar lid. Let dry.

Fill the jar almost to the top with distilled water and add glitter. Place glue along the rim of the jar and inside too and screw the lid on tight. Let dry.

If the project is not fully dry by the time the children leave, have them keep the jars right side up until completely dry. When dry, they can shake them up and display them upside down so the figurine is right side up.


Purchase a face painting set and let the children decorate each others face to look like their favorite Star Wars character. If you prefer, you or another adult can do the painting.


You will need:

½ cup flour

2 cups water

2 cups boiling water

3 tablespoons sugar

Mix together flour and cold water in a bowl. Add this mixture to the boiling water and allow it to return to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in the sugar. As the mixture cools it will thicken as it does.

Cover a work area with lots of newspaper. Give each child a long inflated balloon to be their mold.

Let the children tear narrow strips of newspaper and dip the strips into the paste, coating completely. Have them drape the strips around their balloon, overlapping several layers. Let dry and paint. The children can do another activity or game while they are drying and you can even turn on a fan to hurry the process.

Then the lightsabers are ready to be painted (tempura paint works great). When the project’s finished, the children can play with them and even take them home.

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