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winnie the pooh cakewinnie the pooh cakeYour little one will love a Winnie the Pooh cake. Jack loved his so much he decided to wear it!

Rest easy though, first birthdays come around once in a lifetime and it makes for a great picture!

Choices for the cake include ordering from a bakery or boutique or even your local grocery store, baking your own and using a Pooh cake topper or making your own Winnie the Pooh cake. If you do opt for a bakery cake, order a few weeks ahead of time.

The cake topper option is quick and easy. Simply purchase a pre-baked round or rectangle cake or bake your own using your favorite cake mix or our basic cake recipe.

Then frost with our basic frosting, canned frosting or even use your own recipe. Tint frosting with Winnie the Pooh cake coloring tints and top with a Pooh cake topper.

winnie the pooh cake You can also design your own top with Disney Winnie the Pooh & Friends Figurine Setand Pooh cake sprinkles. The figurines make great take home gifts for the children after the first birthday party.

Bake a fun cake with Pooh shaped cake pans. Use Wilton cake decorating supplies to complete the creation and you have one hunny of a Pooh cake.

You can also use one of our Pooh Cake ideas that are tried and true by our family personally.

Or, check out the bee cake section for directions of a bee hive cake.

winnie the pooh cake Pooh candles are a hot item. Wishes come true when you help your little "one" blow it out.

We hope you enjoy our hot-out-of-the-oven suggestions that won't cost you a lot of time or dough. Relax and enjoy life's precious moments and may we find you, Pooh and baby...licking the bowl.


Pooh cup cakes are perfect for little ones. Easy to hold and nibble on, they are make less mess than eating from a big cake and Pooh decorations make them fun and festive.

No matter which of the Pooh themes you have chosen, you are sure to find great ideas here.

To make Pooh cup cakes, whip up a batch of our basic cake recipe, a box of your favorite mix or your own cup cake recipe.

Pour into cup cake liners, filling each 2/3 full.

Bake as directed and cool then frost with our basic frosting recipe or use your own.

Tint with Disney Pooh food coloring for great Pooh colors.

Now for the fun part, the toppers. There are Pooh picks you just stick in that are adorable and easy. Also available are Pooh toppers Pooh and Pooh sprinkles. Or, dress up your own with Pooh toys like finger puppets or Pooh figurines.

Pooh sugar shapes are a quick and easy option. Just place a shape on each cup cake and add sprinkles if you choose to.

Pooh First Birthday cup cake holders are a must have. They are as practical as they are cute.You can also purchase Pooh First Birthday cup cake kits that are economical and convenient. There are lots of kits to pick from.

Remember you can use our Bee Movie cup cake ideas too.
like topping a frosted cupcake with a sugar shape bee.

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